1316 – Done For You Marketing with That Marketing Team’s Tai Goodwin

On today's episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with the CEO of That Marketing Team, Tai Goodwin! Tai Goodwin is a marketing strategist that has a passion for coaching. She works with CEOs and other business leaders that are trying to run their businesses and be marketers at the same time. What Tai Goodwin and her organization, That Marketing Team, does is the heavy lifting and take the marketing off their client's plate. One of their mottos at That Marketing Team is No Tech, No Time, No Team, No Problem! 

She discusses the learning process of marketing and the balance of marketing and navigating running an organization. Tai shares how she and her organization differentiate themselves from others in the industry through using a strategy, not just tactics. She shares the example of the tactic of visibility, the importance of the necessity of strategy, and how that content is applied with regard to the audience. 

Tai discusses her marketing jump-start strategy sessions that put together a strategy to find the top three things that can be done to get the goals that are desired achieved. Don’t forget to listen to our next episode, where we recap all the great insights that Tai Goodwin offered! 

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The importance of organic outreach 
  • Visibility versus Strategy 
  • The processes of marketing

About Tai Goodwin:

Tai Goodwin is the CEO of That Marketing Team and the creator of the Liberated CEO Accelerator. She's an award-winning instructional designer with 20+ years of experience creating learning experiences and content for Fortune500 companies like Barnes & Noble and tech start-ups like Leadpages. Coaches, consultants and course creators work with Tai when they are tired of trying to figure out how to do marketing on their own. They get the strategy, training and implementation support that allows them to create a marketing system that actually works.

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