1317 – Human Relationships with Market Domination’s Seth Greene

On today's episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with CEO of Market Domination LLC and co-host of the Sharkpreneur podcast, Seth Greene! Seth discusses Market Domination LLC and the two different divisions within the company. In the first division, they recruit a cult of 50 evangelists that will promote their clients' business every single day for a year. The other is the trafficking conversion division that builds online marketing funnels which generate leads, strategy sessions, webinar attendants, and direct sales and drive both online and offline traffic to make sales and grow their clients' businesses.

Seth discusses what works well in marketing today. He shares that marketing really boils down to two things: behavioral psychology (why we do the things we do) and math. He discusses the two strategies that work really well. One is human relationships and the other is where you show up in a market. He emphasizes the importance of direct mail and how that outreach is becoming more effective as it is also becoming less common.

Seth discusses his relationship with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and how their years of collaboration originated. Don’t forget to listen to our next episode, where we recap all the great insights Seth Greene offered!

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The importance of quality content
  • How personalization can positively impact marketing
  • The positive impact of focusing on others professionally and personally

About Seth Greene:

Seth is the nation’s foremost authority on growing your business with a direct response marketing podcast. Seth is the co-host of The Sharkpreneur Podcast with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, which was named the number 6 podcast to listen in 2019. He is also the founder for direct response marketing firm and he is an 8 time best-selling author who has been interviewed on NBC News, CBS News, Forbes, Inc, CBS Moneywatch and many more.

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