1323 – Passion Creates Purpose with James Heppner

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Business and Life Strategist, James Heppner.

James explains that those that have invested in themselves are in a good spot it is not too late to invest in yourself. Pain or conflict is something that many people shy from and attempt to avoid. However, James to embrace that pressure and pain to better yourself and help create passion. Problems will always be a part of life and something that cannot be avoided. However, how one handles these problems can determine the momentum of the future. James explains that being able to benefit from problems is important to gain a tolerance for them — they will not affect an individual as much as before. They provide experience with issues and without the chance of loss, there is nothing to work towards. Challenges often provide a dopamine rush when they are solved which provides happiness for an individual.

James works with his clients either one on one or in groups. The ideal clients are often individuals who are working on themselves or working to do more. James explains that when an individual does more within themselves, they can enjoy the things they create more. When bringing about deep areas within the human spirit, it can make an individual light up and understand their purpose.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • James’s impact in the world
  • How problems can be beneficial
  • Clarity
  • How James works with clients

About James Heppner:

James’s life worked, until it didn’t. Business was strong, capital was plentiful and life seemed all he had ever dared wish it to be. Performing life vs. Living life nearly cost him his business, his investments, his children and his marriage. The never ending hyper-vigilant striving to achieve the next level of success suddenly awakened him to the deep emptiness of his current lived experience. Unable to truly celebrate and instead deeply anxious about the rawness of who he really was on the inside, he between being restless & bored, and anxious & depressed. Thankfully peace didn’t come but instead, he fell into a million tiny pieces. It forced him to build a new infrastructure grounded upon authenticity and gratitude. He made critical decisions like “his joy is not for sale” and “losses are simply disguised gifts hidden in plain sight”. He has spent the last decade designing his life of gratitude and can honestly say he has an unshakeable love with his life. Not in spite of the losses that he had to endure however rather BECAUSE of the losses that he has utilized well. Fearing Fear itself has now left him. Today he helps people ignite their vibrant energy towards life by turning towards what they really want – to courageously step towards their comforts and discomforts with curiosity and an open embrace of the goodness that lies at the core of both the win and the loss. Truth is – Real life is made up of both wins and Both were designed for the individual good – that's basic reality. Without facing and learning how to embrace losses for greater gain, one misses out. Why choose to leave 50% of  life experience on the table when there is a choice to do the work so that one can have it all? Life can be good news – if we let it. Life can shine through the cracks – if we let it in. He invites you to take the ride of your life by engaging with him as your guest on your show. Together we can deliver a transformative and deeply invigorating message that meets people exactly where they are at today.

Tweetable Moments From this Episode: 

04:51 – “All of what is brought to you is a gift to you and specifically for you.”

05:54 – “Regardless of what's happening to the world, you get to decide by how you lean into your inner work.”

09:17 – “If we wanna be in a positive, good, rich state of energy, to not have problems is a problem.”

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