1324 – Hire A Professional with Very Good Marketing’s Josh Rosenberg

On today's episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with the CEO of Very Good Marketing Consultants, Josh Rosenberg!

Very Good Marketing Consultants provides fractional CMO services for online businesses. Josh shares his passion and understanding for strategy. His company provides fractional CMO (chief marketing officer) through virtual services with the full benefit of a chief marketing officer at a fraction of the cost.

Josh discusses the lifecycle of a business and considers virtual CMO’s impact. He shares his analogy of looking at businesses as a living, breathing thing and expresses how sales and marketing are the oxygen that you breathe in. He emphasizes without those two things, there’s no revenue coming in.

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  • Key Points from the Episode:
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Impactful Bonuses

About Josh Rosenberg:

Josh Rosenberg, founder and CEO of Very Good Marketing Consultants, LLC, is a serial entrepreneur and is regarded as a top authority on direct-response marketing, online business strategies and marketing operations. In 2007 he started, developed and grew an online adult education company from ground zero to over $2 million in sales in less than 15 months, before selling it to an investor. In 2016, he started and grew an online music education business, which is continuing to grow larger every day. Also in 2016, Josh began working as a freelance marketing consultant for numerous online businesses. Since then, his work has generated over $100,000,000 in revenue for businesses in more than two-dozen verticals.

INTERVIEW TOPICS • How to generate a massive ROI while giving your marketing team the best quality of life possible. • Three ways entrepreneurs can grow their business in 2022 and beyond. • How to avoid critical mistakes that can cost you a fortune when working with outside vendors.

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03:59 – “Without marketing, without sales, without customers coming in, you're dead in the water.

13:25 – “We live in a world where everything is evolving so rapidly.”

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