1334 – It Starts and Ends With You with Dot Connect LLC’s Dom Farnan

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and Chief Conscious Connector of DotConnect, Dom Farnan.

DotConnect is a global talent advisory business that scouts and hires talent for technology businesses in the United States. DotConnect has a team of around 100 employees globally and has been around since 2019. Dom explains that DotConnect’s growth can be attributed to many areas. Dotconnect doesn’t work only with technology companies, they also have a big consumer products client that they work with now. They also have longer-term clients that are based on monthly retainers. Dom explains ghosting, not creating an optimized experience for hiring, and not understanding the talent or their values is some of the negative feedback that the recruiting space has received. The manner in which a leader comes off to their employees is what sets the stage for the work culture. Dom explains she had to do some self-reflection and work to create a better environment for her employees and that is how DotConnect has been able to grow so rapidly over the years.

Dom explains that DotConnect has grown from delivering against its promise and through referrals. The value of ownership and delivery is important to DotConnect as they are able to prove their worth and obtain or retain clients this way. Luckily the staffing climate today is much different than in April 2020. Dom advises that companies that are laying employees off the need to focus on key hiring. The ideal clientele for DotConnect would be a 50+ employee strong business that is building out the entirety of its organization at any level.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The impact DotConnect has on the world
  • How DotConnect is growing faster than other companies
  • Recruiting Industry
  • How Dom’s personal growth improved her business
  • Personal life versus work life
  • How to grow in a tactful way
  • The state of staffing today
  • Ideal clientele for DotConnect

About Dom Farnan:

Dom Farnan is the Founder and CEO DotConnect, where they find exceptional people for high-achieving companies. DotConnect has a team of 85 employees and has recruited from leading organizations such as the National Football League (NFL), Snapchat, Samsung Next, and Zendesk. Dom graduated early from high school and immediately started her recruitment career at the age of 17 after a neighbor got her an opportunity to work in the HR department of their organization. She went on to work for companies such as Life Technologies and BlackBerry as a senior recruiter for 10+ years before starting DotConnect. Dom is also the founder of Path Connect, a 12-week program that teaches recruiters how to better understand organizational charts and what it takes to source and vet top talent for tech organizations.

Tweetable Moments:

04:09 – “We give a crap about the people that we're working with. We care about their values, we care about their life, we care about their lifestyles both on the client side and the talent side.”

11:23 – “My vision is for one day people to actually enjoy the recruiting process.”

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