1326 – Standing Out Today with Fueled By Fire’s Staci Wallace

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Fueled by Fire Mastery, Staci Wallace.

Staci has worked in corporate business and ministry for much of her life. She explains that money can only drive an individual so far and there needs to be a cause behind the work that is being done. Fueled by Fire helps raise up CEO’s, entrepreneurs , and thought leaders to help them identify their sweet spot to build a profitable purpose driven business. Fueled by Fire has an ascension model that ranges from free public work to higher ticket work with their platinum program. Staci has witnessed all levels of business development during her time in corporate America. Staci advises to make sure to put yourself in a good place mentally because it will determine where you go professionally.

Staci explains that the great resignation can be partially attributed to uncertainty within a business. Many employees do not feel certain that the company they work for has their back or has the best ideals in mind, leading them to resign. This shifting in the job market has caused many individuals to start their own business. Staci explains that they help new business owners understand their potential and big business owners reduce resignation possibilities. Staci explains that she wrote her book Fueled by Fire to help guide women in the business space. Businesses have to do more to stand out today than in the past due to the high level of competition in every industry. Staci explains that being value driven, having good team culture, and understanding their target market is how businesses can stand out with their business.

  • Key Points from the Episode:
  • Staci’s impact on the world
  • Engagement with clients
  • Staci’s backstory
  • Mental focus and uncertainty
  • Staci’s book Fueled by Fire
  • Standing out as a business today

About Staci Wallace:

Staci Wallace is a leading expert in the field of business psychology, growth hacking, and personal life mastery. With over 35 years of corporate and entrepreneurial success, her signature 1% Method of Micro-Progress has led to 9-figure success and supporting hundreds of thousands of small business start-ups. Whether on stage or online, Staci uses her unique “warrior” story of miraculous physical and financial breakthroughs to teach other business leaders how to turn setbacks into monumental comebacks. In 2021, Staci and her husband, Larry, left their corporate Senior Executive positions in telecom to become CEO and COO of the Fueled by Fire Mastery Program and Elite Mastermind for CEOs, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs building purpose-driven, highly profitable, and faith-based lives and businesses they love. On top of all this, their passion for giving back has fueled their non-profit organization EMwomen, which rescues and restores the lives of women and girls who have gone through some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Tweetable Moments:

04:12 – “I really that believe that's what makes a great CEO is you're willing to do more for others than you're expecting them to do for you.”

13:21 – “People are working less for money and more for something that puts meaning into their life.”

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