1331 – Knowing when to Recalibrate with Waymaker’s Stuart Leo

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and CEO of Waymaker, Stuart Leo. 

Waymaker is a business improvement platform that diagnoses the problems within a business, reveals growth gaps, and assists with building strategic goals. At some point, a business will hit a roadblock, not knowing where to go or what to focus on. Stuart explains that asking seven specific questions alongside strategic diagnostic software every quarter can help a business grow and reach its goals in an effective manner. 

Running a business is not typically taught in black and white through business school. Stuart explains that the default to not using this framework is when the founder starts to expand and hand over their responsibilities to new teams. This can cause problems as without knowing the way the success came about, the new teams will not be able to grow from that. Stuart explains that many executives miss the aspect of teaching individuals how to think about what they are doing. Without teaching team members how to solve problems and adapt the business to market alignment, it makes the driving force go in a negative direction. When using Waymaker, a business will get onto the app, add their team members, and answer questions. From there, the algorithm will take that information to create a strategy to better the business by looking at strengths and weaknesses.  

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Who Waymaker is and what they do
  • The default of not using a strategic framework
  • Where executives are not effective 
  • How Waymaker does what it does

About Stuart Leo:

Stuart Leo is the founder and CEO of – an intelligent business management platform that helps leaders build a better business in 30 days. Stuart is a global thinker in strategy, systems, and leadership development. As the founder of he has led the creation of Waymaker’s Leadership Curve – a revolutionary way of building clarity, alignment and remarkable results for any organization.

Tweetable Moments:

01:45 – “At some point every leader, every team, every business, hits a roadblock, hits a brick wall, stalls, or just hits this moment where it's like, “I don't, we're not quite sure where to go next.”

10:26 – “There's only five things you've got to do as a leader. And that is, you've got to think, plan, inspire, equip and empower.”

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