1336 – Getting Results From Your Systems with Goals To Results’ Dennis Riley

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and Owner of Goals To Results, Dennis Riley.

Dennis Riley is a business strategist that helps small business owners get efficient results by looking into data strategy systems. Dennis explains that a common issue is data not being in one place for business owners. If the data is scattered, it makes it harder to compile and more complex to refer back to when looking for results. Dennis explains that he creates a data dashboard for his clients to refer to for all of their business data to see what is working and what is not. This dashboard helps small business owners determine the problems and fix them faster than if they individually looked into every data platform. Dennis explains that he makes use of Google tools with his clients due to its ease of use. Many small business owners may not be well versed in creating a data dashboard for themselves, this is where Dennis comes in to help. Once the client has logged into all of their data platforms, Dennis will pull the necessary data and make them a dashboard that integrates it all in one place.

Dennis explains that data is not the start and finish line for obtaining desired results for a business. Different aspects of the business also need to be managed such as time to ensure that time is being allotted to the correct things and making sure the less important actions are being outsourced. Dennis explains that he works with a multitude of business owners from chiropractors to graphic designers and anyone that believes they need a second pair of eyes regarding their business should look into his work. Engagement with Dennis starts with data collection, client journeys, follow-ups, and many more aspects to find where the issues are. Dennis explains that intuition can take an individual to a certain point but from there data can be used to take them further.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Dennis’s impact in the world
  • Areas that commonly need the most improvement in a business
  • Google tools
  • Results don’t end with data collection
  • Dennis’s clientele
  • Engagement with Dennis
  • Intuition

About Dennis Riley:

Dennis is not your typical business strategist or business coach. He will roll his sleeves up and help business owners develop different strategies and systems. He will collect data and generate data dashboards for owners to see their KPIs. He builds systems that others don’t see. He always highlights his client's uniqueness and uses it to separate them from their competition. He thinks outside the box when solving a problem. He feels each problem has a solution…although it may not be the solution people want to hear.

Tweetable Moments:

07:51 “I talked about making chocolate chip cookies. There are ingredients, there's an oven, there are results. That's how you want your systems to be.”

10:26 “You have to shift the sales as well in your business. You just keep going forward. If there's rockiness around you, you have to shift with the economy.”

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