1337 – How To Get In The Cleaning Business with C3X Now and Smart Cleaning School’s Ken Carfagno

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Owner of Carfagno Commercial Cleaning and Founder and Host of the Smart Cleaning School Podcast, Ken Carfagno.

The Smart Cleaning School Podcast was started with the purpose of finding good individuals in the cleaning industry to send the public to and to give a platform to. The Smart Cleaning School offers training and membership groups for new individuals to help develop a business owner mindset and offer resources. Ken explains that when COVID hit, businesses were crushed. Some residential cleaning businesses Ken was connected to, lost around 90% of their revenue within weeks due to COVID. Ken explains that once the fear and uncertainty subsided, residential cleaning businesses, for the most part, were able to make a significant rebound in their space. However, the commercial cleaning businesses had a different experience with COVID. Some of these businesses fell completely while others grew substantially. Their growth was due to the increased need for proper disinfection practices in all areas such as business offices, government buildings, and many other spaces.

Ken explains that a major aspect of starting a cleaning business is having a business owner's mindset. Communication developed interpersonal skills, and networking are all important skills to have when creating or managing a business as it determines the pull a business has in its area. Ken explains that on the Smart Cleaning School Podcast, he gives an overview of the business aspects of starting a business, specifically in Episode 260, Best Of – How to Start a Solo Cleaning Business. Ken works primarily with two different groups of entrepreneurs. The first group is solo entrepreneurs that would like a part-time side hustle or a way to get out of their current job. The second group is residential or commercial companies that are growing into larger businesses. The Smart Cleaning Tribe is a group that is designed to help individuals set and achieve goals as well as hold them accountable.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Ken’s impact in the world
  • The impact of COVID on business owners
  • Fundamentals for starting a cleaning business
  • Ken’s Clientele
  • The Smart Cleaning Tribe

About Ken Carfagno:

Ken Carfagno is the host of the Smart Cleaning School Podcast which helps cleaning professionals make the impact they were meant to make. Ken levels up cleaning business owners in growth mindset, leadership, and promotes the thought leaders in the cleaning industry through this podcast. Ken and his wife Teresa have 5 kids that they homeschool in the Philadelphia Area.

Tweetable Moments:

3:58 “Like, the spider web concept. Just bring them in and give them some free content. That helps them develop business owner mindset.”

9:09 “The number one thing is, do you have a business owner's mindset? It's without question.”

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