1338 – Podcasting with Grow Your Show’s Adam Adams

On today's episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, we are so excited to speak with the founder of the podcast Grow Your Show, Adam Adams!

Adam discusses the industry of podcasting and how Grow Your Show is a company that helps support podcasters through editing, post production, publishing, promotions, creating images and much more. Grow Your Show handles the back end portion of podcasting so that the host essentially doesn't have to do anything but be themselves and share their purpose.

Grow Your Show enjoys helping coaches, mentors, online course creators, consultants, attorneys, masterminds, and many other industry individuals create their own podcast.

Josh discusses the benefits of individuals and their organizations expanding their reach through podcasting and the network the podcasting industry provides. Josh discusses how to create triggered algorithms where your content becomes more exposed through various media sources. This includes: following, download, listen, social proofing through rating and reviews, and return listeners.

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Key Points from the Episode:

  • Growing a Podcast Today
  • Direct Message Campaigns
  • Triggered Algorithms

About Adam Adams:

Adam has a loyal following in the podcasting space. After selling his first podcast, he launched the Podcast on Podcasting which is ranked as a top show for podcasters. Adam is also the founder of where they help you get your message out to the world. Grow Your Show is The Easy Button For Podcasters TM that want to have a top rated show without all the hard work. Their clients are getting ranked in the top 1% on iTunes and other top charts which means they have more influence than the other 99%.

Tweetable Moments:

04:42 “There are many, many ways to monetize a show. It's not just advertising and sponsorship.”

10:20 “We keep it short and sweet. We, it's always personal, so it's not copied and pasted. It's always personal and individualized.”

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