1348 – Keeping a Good Reputation with GoLance’s Michael Brooks

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Founder of goLance, Michael Brooks.

GoLance is a freelance marketplace that focuses on lowering its costs compared to competitors while increasing the number of features on its platform. Michael explains some competitors like to keep their interactions between provider and consumer on a texting basis and things like sharing phone numbers could result in the termination of the provider. This is a negative quality as it is easy for things to get lost in translation through texting and having a quick call can clear those issues up almost immediately. GoLance is solving this issue for the common freelancer so they do not feel taken advantage of and can provide the appropriate services to the consumer in an easier way. Michael explains that they plug in Slack, Zoom, and Google Meets platforms so the freelancers can have better connections with their clients which can lead to more valuable services being provided and ending with happy clients.

The way goLance operates starts with the consumer posting a job and the freelancers will apply. They will take that job opening and encourage people within that specific sector to apply as they are the individuals best fitted for the work. There is a head of the community that encourages freelancers to apply for jobs, complete their profiles, show off their work, as well as finding out who they are so they can find the best job for them.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What goLance is and how it’s unique
  • Competitor downfalls and goLance’s strengths
  • How goLance operates
  • The goLance origin story

About Michael Brooks:

Michael Brooks is a strong believer in harmony, teamwork, loyalty, and partnership. He has spent years building businesses with remote freelance talent and implementing strategic solutions through digital marketing and electronic payments. As founder of the award-winning online freelance marketplace goLance, Michael made it his mission to help others by finding new business solutions through digital marketing and electronic payments. Michael has published two books focused on digital marketing strategy for eCommerce businesses and one book on remote businesses. His perspective is that success doesn’t happen without risk – but with the right approach (and some luck), it’s possible to minimize the risks while maximizing your chances for success.

Tweetable Moments:

06:17 “You're an entrepreneur. You don't want to be owned, right? You want freedom, and that's why you chose the life you have.”

07:56 “If you are not constantly providing value, enough value to where people want to use your service, then you're doomed.”

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