1349 – Automating Analytics with Proof’s Mark Stouse

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Chairman of Proof Analytics, Mark Stouse.

Proof Analytics is a marketing analytics platform that strives to help its clients make better decisions on a consistent efficient basis. In typical analytical formats, a business will see its statistics every quarter, half, and yearly basis. This does not help the business as they will always be looking backward while they are trying to move forwards which clouds the progression. Proof Analytics allows for consistent results to be provided so businesses can see where things need to change to promote growth. Mark explains that many teams are doing multiple variable regression analytics the old-fashioned way which does not promote efficiency for businesses. Proof Analytics changes this by providing the platform of speed for these consistent accurate results so businesses can get the results faster to make the changes faster.

Mark explains throughout Covid, video conferencing platforms soared in demand and the platforms were not built for this at the time. Revenues climbed as well as the stress on the technology that provided those services such as struggling bandwidth. Changes are happening at rapid pacing which changes the trajectory of investments and business strategies completely. Mark explains that self-aware automation is far from taking over because humans provide morality, ethics, and awareness of context that automation cannot. Mark explains that analytics gives context to data because without that context data cannot do much to aid a business. Analytics help businesses identify changes to patterns and make the appropriate responses to them so they can contribute to their growth and stability in the market.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Proof Analytics is
  • How Proof Analytics tackles data differently
  • Changes Mark has noticed throughout Covid
  • Automation
  • The importance of analytics

About Mark Stouse:

Mark is the CEO of Proof Analytics, a marketing analytics platform that helps CMOs and CFOs bridge the ROI gap by providing cause-and-effect analytics that shows marketing and sales true business impact and financial worth. The company's ‘Proof Business GPS' guides through the whole marketing lifecycle, and provides a complete picture of a company's marketing efforts. Their solution enables planning, budgeting, and optimization of marketing in all channels. An award-winning B2B CMO and CCO, Mark is one of the first leaders to connect all types of marketing investment to revenue, margin, and cash flow impact in complex, long-cycle companies. In 2014, he was named Innovator of the Year for his pioneering work by U.S. marketing leaders.

Tweetable Moments:

06:04 “You've got to put the crude into a refinery and generate the gas that can power your car. It's the same thing with analytics. Analytics is the refinery, and we have automated very large portion of it.”

12:09 “If you believe that tomorrow is going to be just like today, then go for it, right? But that's not happening. That's not the way life is. That's certainly not the way business is.”

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