1350 – Trusting Your Gut with Bosun’s Nicole Grinnell

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Bosunsolutions, Nicole Grinnell.

Bosunsolutions was created around six years ago and is aiming to supply remote staffing for business owners. Nicole explains some common challenges or mistakes made by business owners are bad hiring or putting too much work on one new hire because that is all a company could afford. If an employee does not fit into every box, it could lead to less productivity and efficiency. Bosunsolutions works to find individuals that fit into each specific box and can do the work effectively and productively. Nicole explains the name Bosun was referred to repeatedly on a television show and they connected to the meaning. Bosun is a position on a ship that supports the captain and the crew. They are connected to this because they help support businesses and support the owners stay in the captain's position to keep their focus on what matters.

Nicole explains she has been involved with business her entire life from watching her parents struggle to scale their business to serving as an executive assistant. Bosunsolutions was a way to bring together employers who need help with their business and employees who may not want a full-time job or individuals who work from home. Nicole states that they worked to find a way for businesses to scale through human capital without having fixed employees. During Covid, many fixed employees were let go and now that things are opening back up, more flexible employees are wanted. This is an area where Bosunsolutions fits in very well as they provide the platform for these flexible workers to be hired by businesses. Nicole explains they have had a focus on administration workers this year regarding bookkeeping as well as social media management and placement services. While other platforms are good for project-oriented work, Bosunsolutions is focused on the team aspect between a business and its outsourced workers as well as supporting both sides in the process. Engagement with Bosunsolutions starts with a strategy call to gauge what is needed by the business to create more revenue, then they can add in workers to support the business one by one. Sourcing is done by taking the strategy call as well as other factors into account such as culture, to find the best worker for the business. An onboarding call will then ensue so the business owner can meet their new employee and their relationship manager that supports both sides. Quarterly meetings will be had to determine if the metrics are being hit or if something needs to change. The time span between the strategy call to onboarding is about five to seven days depending on the needs of the business.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Bosunsolutions does
  • Common challenges encountered by business owners
  • Where the name Bosunsolutions originated
  • How Nicole came into this business
  • Why Bosunsolutions is a relevant solution in 2022
  • Experts Bosunsolutions sources
  • How working with Bosunsolutions differs from other platforms
  • Engagement with Bosunsolutions

About Nicole Grinnell:

At a very young age, Nicole gained experience in small business ownership working in her family’s business from the age of 10. She worked in corporate America until the start of her remote fractional staffing company and took it to $1M within 2 years. The mission of Bosun is to give the small business owner a nimble and profitable business in ANY economy.

About Bosunsolutions:

At Bosun, they want to holistically solve clients’ problems by providing the right remote team members for all back-office roles who can operate their business. New services to clients include implementing and automating technology, such as CRMs, accounting software, project management tools, payroll, etc., and documenting processes around technology and their remote team.

Tweetable Moments:

00:39 “What we say a lot is that your revenue should always be tied to labor. Those should not be fixed expenses.”

07:57 “We want to provide a team member in a true relationship because your success is our success.”

11:05 “I think there's a lot of soft skills and other factors that go into hiring to make that a good match.”

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