136 – Engaging with Hispanic Audiences with The Group Advertising’s Hernan Tagliani

Hernan Tagliani is the president and founder of The Group Advertising.

Founded in 2006, The Group Advertising is one of the fastest-growing multicultural advertising agencies in the United States.

The team at The Group Advertising delivers award-winning marketing services to non-profits, local, national, and international brands across the nation.

They offer advertising, branding, social media, and digital services to best create a campaign that will have a large impact on the Hispanic community.

The Group Advertising was awarded the 2019 Diversity in Business award and Hernan Tagliani was featured as one of the CEO’s of The Year 2019 in the Orlando Business Journal.

Hernan’s new book, “The Hispanic Market for Corporate America: How to Make Your Brand Culturally Relevant”, is available now.

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