1361 – Finding the Gold Standard with Legal and Creative’s Sharon Toerek

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Principal Owner of Legal and Creative and Toerek Law, Sharon Toerek.

Legal and Creative work with independent marketing agencies and digital marketing across the US. They help business owners monetize their intellectual capital and advertise and manage its legal implications. Sharon shared examples of rules or laws that people don't take seriously in the business focused issue and peer IP-focused issue perspective. She further explains when marketing agencies would need to consult a legal agency. According to her, agencies' intellectual property is their most significant asset, and how they leverage it is completely up to them. 

Key points from this episode:

  • Laws that aren't being taken seriously enough
  • How would businesses know if they need legal recourse?
  • Leveling the playfield between the client and agency with legal recourse
  • The importance of confidentiality
  • Are electronically signed documents and contracts worth a dime?

Legal and Creative can help you with 3 things:

  • Intellectual property, protection, registration, and other IP issues in marketing.
  • Business transactions require solid documentation and a legal tool kit to protect businesses.
  • Help businesses be compliant in the evolving regulatory landscape in marketing.

About Sharon Toerek:

Sharon Toerek is Principal of Toerek Law, where she focuses her law practice on helping professionals in the advertising, marketing, and creative industries monetize their intellectual capital, and manage the legal risks of their work. Sharon provides proactive, strategic counsel to marketing agencies on legal issues they face continually in their work, including agency-brand contracts, social media, content marketing legal compliance, and trademark and copyright protection. Sharon also created the Legal + Creative Agency Protection System, a subscription-based legal toolkit for marketing agencies. 

About Legal and Creative:

Legal + Creative is a service that helps professionals in marketing, advertising, and communications protect their creative assets and generate revenue from those assets. This section contains articles discussing the legal difficulties encountered daily by marketers. Some examples of these difficulties include intellectual property rights, compliance with social media and content marketing, and the interactions between agencies, their clients, and freelancers. 

They protect, enforce, and monetize intellectual capital for advertising, marketing, and design professionals, as well as manage the legal ramifications of their work. Legal Creative caters to customers' needs in the advertising, marketing, and creative services industries, and she offers proactive, strategic advice on legal difficulties that firms confront.

Tweetable Moments:

08:41 – “Both sides [client and prospect] should be protected, and both sides should agree that what they're sharing doesn't go any farther without the permission of both parties.”

10:25 – “We think it's in the best interest of all parties to agree to keep all the information we're sharing confidential.”

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