1363 – Building a Foundation of Giving with Inspiral Agency’s John Abbott

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-Founder and Audience Awakening Expert of Inspiral Agency, John Abbott.

Inspiral works with coaches and trainers struggling to sell their programs to their audience. John witnessed this firsthand and came up with the marketing approach of the Giving Model. Through this method, he addresses the barriers stopping the audience from accessing valuable resources offered by his clients and finds a way to bridge that gap for them. Making sales through this marketing strategy can make companies gain more profit. By giving more value and sharing gifts with their audience, their clients obtain advocates who will do the marketing for them — telling others about their wonderful experiences and the transformation they were exposed to.

 Key points from this episode:

  • How did the idea of giving start?
  • Coming from a place of giving can spark a new and interested audience
  • Making sales through the foundation of giving
  • How does this marketing approach affect the profits?
  • The importance of assessing applicants for the Giving Model
  • Can this marketing approach get speakers and trainers additional clients?

 About John Abbott:

John Abbott, best-selling author and creator of The Giving Model, shows people how to build GIVING into their business. John believes that by giving we attract more to us. John started his entrepreneur journey at just 17 years old and has mentored over 200 entrepreneurs. As an expert in sales and marketing, John's goal is to add value to your audience by sharing how to implement The Giving Model. The Giving Model has helped many speakers and business owners add 30+ percent to their revenues.

About Inspiral Agency:

Inspiral is a small, extremely productive marketing and sales agency that predominantly serves high-end clients with the Giving Model service. They collaborate with speakers, event businesses, and promoters to maximize the impact of events to inspire and influence more lives. 

In essence, the Giving Model bridges the financial divide, allowing many more prospects to say yes to their transformation and, as a result, making a far more significant effect through the gifts our speakers were born to give to the world. The Giving Model has helped Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Peter Sage, Skip Archimedes, Brandon Bays, Roger Hamilton, and many others attract thousands more into their high-end programs and millions more in earnings.

 Tweetable Moments:

15:58 – “The numbers work because the first ten that you sold, if you have a profitable business, clearly is a profitable model. Otherwise, you wouldn't be continuing that model.”

20:53 – “There is something that changes when you give first to someone, meet someone, and help them achieve what they want.”

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