1364 – Small By Design with 3 Owl Agency’s David Feldman

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Author and Founder of 3 Owl Agency, David Feldman.

3 Owl Agency is a quick-thinking team of designers and thinkers who create tailored, data-driven creative solutions that adapt to changing client needs and enable transformational growth. David gives a fresh perspective on running small agencies and using them to make a huge impact. Business owners shouldn't limit themselves to small clients just because of the agency size they run. Setting out to build a company is an excellent opportunity to develop your own culture based on your value. 

 Key points from this episode:

  • Leveraging small agencies to your advantage
  • The playbook of how you can grow a business by intentionally staying small but making a significant impact on the world
  • How the roles of being a CEO change once you hit the higher 7 figures
  • The power in small companies
  • Benefits of running a smaller company
  • Don't limit yourself to small clients just because you're a small agency
  • Building a company means you get a unique opportunity to develop your own culture

 About David Feldman:

David is the Founder and Director of Strategy at 3 Owl, an award-winning creative agency that creates websites that stand out from the noise.

They’ve worked with companies like Mellow Mushroom, Great American Cookie Company, VitaLink, Taco Mac, and Wahoo. Numbers-wise, 3 Owl has 40+ employees and over seven figures in revenue.

At the start of Covid-19, David had to fire 80% of his agency’s staff in one day. Despite the setback, he and the small team that stayed on never missed a deadline and continued to generate millions of dollars in added revenue for their clients. They also managed to grow 3Owl by 20% each year since.

In 2021, David also wrote a book about how to scale a small business all while staying intentionally small, which is to be released by his publisher on May 15.

About 3 Owl:

3 Owl is a cutting-edge branding agency that works with entrepreneurs with big dreams and goals. To equip their clients for success, they design fluid brand identities supported by the latest technologies and tools. They also build data-driven creative solutions that adapt to clients' shifting demands and support their transformational growth.

Tweetable Moments:

10:32 – “When you build your own company, you have a unique opportunity to build a culture which is just based on your values and based on your vision.”

09:08 – “Build long term relationships. There's so much more value there compared to the one-off projects with smaller clients.”

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