1366 – The Pros of Podcasts with Talk Radio NYC’s Sam Liebowitz

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Director of TalkRadio.NYC, Sam Liebowitz.

TalkRadio.NYC, as Sam explains, is a hybrid between a podcasting network and a traditional radio station. They handle the technological aspects, promotions and email marketing of the show so that the hosts can better focus on their genius. When asked why they should choose podcasting, Sam simply replied that he finds most people can easily make an emotional connection by listening. According to him, it is not always that easy, especially that it takes time and effort to do well, which is why he recommends finding people who can provide their service to you, use them and get to their level of expertise.

Sam also highlighted the importance of aligning your message with your brand. Especially if you're looking for opportunities, you have to serve your audience and your industry first, make it fun, and help people in the process. Podcasting is the ultimate networking tool.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What is TalkRadio.NYC?
  • Why Does Podcasting Work?
  • The Pros of Podcasts
  • Common Challenges Faced When Starting a Podcast
  • The Business Justification for Starting a Podcast
  • Tips to Engaging People

About Sam Liebowitz

Sam Liebowitz, known as Conscious Consultant, is a twenty-seven year veteran entrepreneur in the field of human potential and empowerment. For more than ten years, he has owned and operated Double Diamond Wellness, Inc., in the heart of Manhattan. There, Sam provides coaching, business mentoring and healing services.

 About TalkRadio.NYC

TalkRadio.NYC is a broadcast-quality Internet radio station whose mission is to empower, uplift and educate audiences. They have been in business since 2010 and have produced nearly 50 shows and thousands of episodes. They have over 300,000 listeners in over 120 countries around the world!

The programs are produced by professionals for professionals and cover all areas of life. Each of their hosts is an expert in their field on which their show is based. Topics range from leadership, personal and spiritual development, entrepreneurship, non-profit organizations and many other topics relevant to their global audience.

 Tweetable Moments: 

4:30 – “Our brand is about uplifting, educating and empowering people.”

5:09 – “However, people do come to me and they do get those benefits, but they come to me because they want to serve their audience, they want to serve their industry. 

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