1367 – Translating Your Vision with Gina Folk

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with a fractional COO, Gina Folk.

Gina explains that many people often don't fully understand the work of operations. Operations, she says, is the science and art of getting the job done effectively and efficiently. Business owners often fail to realize their desire for growth in the business because they are so focused on day-to-day work, which can lead to burnout and loss of love in business.

As a Fractional COO, Gina can perform general oversight by reviewing a company's processes and systems. As a fractional COO, you can benefit from Gina's expertise for a fraction of the cost. She can help set up a company's infrastructure so that it can run smoothly and make all processes repeatable and scalable.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Understand What Business Operations do
  • The Nature and Scope of Operations
  • The Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
  • What is the Process of Hiring a COO?
  • What is a Fractional COO?

About Gina Folk

Gina Folk has more than 20 years of experience helping organizations and individuals to achieve outstanding performance results, and has led global organizations in change efforts that have delivered improvements valued in the tens of millions of dollars. Folk holds an MBA from Belmont University and a BS in psychology and business from Vanderbilt University. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and author of the book People Leadership.

 Tweetable Moments:

2:14 – “Operations is everything it takes to get the product or services delivered to your customers in an excellent way.

4:20 – “Oftentimes people that still love to do the work but they are not getting the growth because they are so into the business.”

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