1370 – Creating Experiences for the Customer with The Myers Development Group’s Jerome Myers

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Myers Development Group LLC, Jerome Myers.

Myers Development Group, LLC works with people in financial services to build their leadership skills. Jerome talks about scaling businesses by having people that know the mission and take actions that align with the business vision without the leader's direction. He also digs into the lack of customer experience in financial services. Jerome shared that people are more interested in the experience. They want to know that any actions are done in their best interests. He also works with people who struggle with imposter syndrome and those who can't find their real purpose. Jerome and his team guide these individuals to get them to a place where they candidly speak about the wealth they acquired and how they're making a difference in the world through it.


Key points from this episode:

  • How did you start coaching the financial coaches?
  • Addressing the gap in the development of people in financial services
  • Why working with leaders makes the business grow
  • How do leadership skills drive more sales compared to hard sales skills?
  • The most significant opportunity for financial services in the industry
  • Engagement process with financial professionals
  • The business today for Myers Myers Development Group


About Jerome Myers: Jerome Myers (a/k/a “J”) is a developer of people and places. He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of two ventures. DreamCatchers is a boutique coaching firm that supports first and second generation wealth creators to self actualize and attain transcendence, and The Myers Development Group, where we help ordinary people invest in multifamily real estate in a way that creates generational wealth. Through these entities he gets to live out his childhood dreams of helping people manifest the things they imagine and he is the evidence that dreams should be real. Since leaving corporate America after building a 20MM division, J has become one of the most sought after thought leaders in the multifamily development space. 

His company, The Myers Development Group, built a multi-million-dollar portfolio following the principles of Myers Methods. This success has led to him being featured on top podcasts such as Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever with Joe Fairless, Apartment Investing with Michael Blank, Multifamily Investor Nation with Dan Hanford, Target Market Insights with John Casmon, and many more. Although he's often told that he makes investing look easy, the people closest to him know the road wasn't without challenges. So, he created Myers Methods, a real estate education company, to dispel many of the myths related to the industry and educate investors on his 4-step process to owning and operating apartments.


About Myers Development Group LLC: The Myers Development Group, LLC is a service conglomerate that serves various clients in various industries. Their primary competencies include corporate strategy, construction, engineering consulting, and organizational development. As asset managers for residential and commercial projects in Virginia and North Carolina, they put these skills to use. Their team is proud to be Efficient, Effective, and Economical.


Tweetable Moments:

01:09 – “If you're going to build a sustainable business, one that they can exit at the end of their career or something like that, they're gonna have to build a team.”

02:39 – “The only way to truly scale is to have people who know the mission and can do actions that are alignment with the mission without your direction.”


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