1374 – Be Bright, Be Clear, Be Gone with George Morris

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to George Morris, a Scaling Up business coach at

George Morris works closely with CEOs, Founders, Chairman and the executive management team from all spectrum to ensure they work together, build great working relationships with each other and are aligned with their goals. Understanding the different stages of business development and common pitfalls companies often face, including differences in team member personalities and abilities, George's goal is to help companies clearly define their expectations and parameters so that trust within the organization grows.

Additionally, George also noted the importance of considering certain personality types in relation to leadership roles in business. According to him, although personality tests are excellent, they often provide no value unless they are scientifically based tools. These types of tests can help you understand how a person thinks and moves in the world. As an expert in his field, he can help identify which personality traits work best together and which don't to create a more synergistic team dynamic.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The importance of aligning management teams with business objectives
  • What does engagement typically look like
  • Types of personality vs different roles in the company

About George Morris:

George Morris actively worked alongside CEOs of multi-million dollar companies to scale their business using the Scaling Up framework, while also giving back to and supporting the next generation of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. His job, as a Scaling Up Coach, is to reduce complexity within an organization. Less complexity means more efficiency, profits, happiness and agility.

George is a father of two who lives just outside of Boulder, Colorado and actively travels, camps, hikes and mountain bikes.

About George Morris: Scaling Up Business Coaching:

Through the use of the scaling methodology, companies can align with a clear vision, goals, meeting structure, and reporting. It aims to provide tools for growth and alignment to accelerate the ability to do business. Many companies scale 5 to 10 times in five years using this methodology. More than 80,000 companies worldwide use Scaling Up to create competitive advantage, guided by a clear path and great metrics to guide effort.

Tweetable Moments:

03:28 – “When you hit a plateau, you're usually hitting some kind of problem around delegation, accountability and alignment.”

09:18 – “I think with personality tests, they're a great tool. They can also be a really dangerous tool if not used appropriately.”

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