1376 – Opening the Front Door for Entrepreneurs with Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Jane Allen

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks to Jane Allen, CEO of The Nashville Entrepreneur Center. 

Jane Allen shared the benefits of being part of a community of entrepreneurs, who will be there not only for networking purposes, but also to mentor you and help you sort things through the various stages of business development. According to her, getting connected with entrepreneurs will allow business owners to have access to a wide variety of resources they need and open more doors of opportunity for success.

Jane also added that with the challenges business owners are facing these days, with the ongoing pandemic and economic recession, being part of an advisor network is crucial so you can have people sharing the same insights that can help you think things through and decide what best actions to take next. She viewed business owners as problem solvers who have a huge impact on society, and by being part of an entrepreneur circle, business owners can continue to learn and make a difference.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What The Nashville Entrepreneur Center do
  • Market trends that every business owner need to be aware of
  • The impact of entrepreneur centers to the economy

About Jane Allen:

Jane Allen is the fourth CEO in the history of the The Nashville Entrepreneur Center, which is often viewed as the epicenter of Nashville's recent entrepreneurial boom. A former attorney, Allen started Counsel on Call in 2000 and grew it into a national business now known as Legility, where she is still a board member, according to the release. Since stepping down as CEO in 2016, Allen has cofounded a handbag company named Hanner Clarke.

About The Nashville Entrepreneur Center:

Founded in 2010, the mission of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center is to connect entrepreneurs with essential resources to create, launch and grow businesses. Proud to be stewards of Nashville's entrepreneurial legacy, they raise the voices of entrepreneurs and tell stories that celebrate how they improve our world and teach others while giving back, maintaining the cycle of entrepreneurship by life.

Tweetable Moments:

04:22 – “Founders really need to do themselves a favor and take time.”

07:51 – “I think it's critical as we as a country continue to look at innovation and moving forward and how we're going to continue to bring innovative solutions to both consumers and businesses.”

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