1381 – Becoming the Best Version of Yourself Effortlessly with Quality Mind Global’s Rich Maloney

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with Rich Maloney, Founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global.

Rich Maloney shares the mission and vision of Quality Mind Global, which he built to be an online group coaching designed for anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves. With a team of 30 licensed professionals serving clients in over 50 countries, Rich and his team apply different processes and methodologies to see positive change happen.

Rich believes that thoughts are very powerful because they fuel our emotions. He mentions that although they serve different people from different walks of life, most of their clients are high profile artists who are under extreme pressure, suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. They believe that from their 12-week program, their clients can begin to control their thoughts and behaviors and create positive change.

According to Rich, one of the key ingredients to achieving growth and self-discovery is discovering your goals and desires. He believes that each of us has a guidance system, and all it takes is trusting our inner selves to achieve that goal, and with a healthy mind, one can build and make the right choices.

Key Points from this Episode:

  • What is Quality Mind Global?
  • The difference between knowledge and wisdom
  • Understanding the power of contrast
  • How quickly can improvements be observed?

About Rich Maloney:

Rich Maloney is the founder and CEO of Quality Mind Global (QMG), a leading international mental wellness coaching and licensing company with over 1000 clients in dozens of countries, and 30 licensed QMG Mind Mentors from 8 countries.

Rich was also the founder of Engage & Grow Global, the #1 employee engagement licensing company in the world. Rich and his team trained and licensed over 700+ Employee Engagement coaches from 35 countries over a 4-year period. Rich has since successfully sold out to a US company to focus on building out QMG to be the #1 mental well-being subscription-based coaching and training company.

Richard has been a headline speaker at many industry conferences and events, and he has spoken in 15 countries with audiences of 1200+.

He is also the co-founder of Blokes United, a 24,000-strong men’s Facebook support group. (other founders are AFL stars Barry Hall and Shaun Higgins.)

He is the author of four books:

1. The Minds of Winning Teams: Creating Team Success Through Engagement & Culture,

2. Injury-Free: Mental Training For Elite Athletes,

3. Engage & Grow: 6 Steps To Building Highly Engaged Teams (co-author)

4. Stress-Free: How To Thrive Under Pressure In Unprecedented Times.

Rich was also recognized as a finalist in 2016, 2017, and 2018 Australian Optus Business Awards as Business Leader of the Year and Export Business of the Year and was a finalist for the 2017 Telstra Victorian Micro Business of the Year.

Rich has been associated with seven elite Australian sports organizations:

• Western Bulldogs Football Club (AFL)

• Fremantle Football Club (AFL)

• St Kilda Football Club (AFL)

• Melbourne Football Club (AFL)

• Melbourne Storm Rugby League (NRL)

• Melbourne Vixens Netball Club (NA)

• Melbourne Tigers Basketball (NBL)

Rich has helped 32 sporting teams win championships and has assisted 56 teams to get to the grand finals.

Rich is also the founder and a co-host of the “Quality Mind” Podcast alongside professional footballer Shaun Higgins from the GFC, AFL.

Rich lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Kristen and their three young daughters.

About Quality Mind Global:

QMG provides a powerful, affordable, and universally accessible long-term mental wellness solution for the B2B & B2C markets. QMG rapidly reprograms client's minds via their ‘Personal Activation System’, enabling their clients to maximize their true potential & achieve greater success, improved happiness, health & wealth. 

The vision of QMG as the #1 mental-wellbeing training & licensing company in the world is to provide the most powerful, affordable, and universally accessible solution, for anyone who wishes to maximize their true potential for improved health, wealth, and happiness. Their mission is to rapidly awaken people to their true potential with minimal effort. They do this by surpassing old-school personal development methodologies, with their world-first Personal Activation System™.

QMG is currently servicing clients in 50+ countries.

Tweetable Moments:

02:30 – “Basically, everything is neutral until you give it a meaning.”

05:13 – “If something doesn't work out for you, and you are generally focused on your goals and you're excited by your goals, then just have trust and have faith that something around the corner is probably even better waiting for you.”

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