1384 – Avoid Messaging Mistakes in Your Marketing with Parker Nash Marketing’s Parker Nash

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Brand Strategist and Founder of Parker Nash Marketing, Parker Nash.

Parker works with people who have innovative products and services who are trying to scale or established businesses working to surpass their plateau. He talked about messaging mistakes businesses make that stagnate their business growth. With his long years of working with Nike, he learned that people are more attracted to buying products with identity transformational value than just “products.” For businesses to stand out competitors, identifying their unique messaging will help filter out their ideal audiences.


Key points from the Episode:


  • How to not be a victim of your own success?
  • Key foundations of branding and marketing
  • How to use the right words and messaging to attract active customers?
  • 4 messaging mistakes businesses make in messaging
  • Disadvantages of being everything to everyone in business


About Parker Nash: Parker Nash is an 11-year veteran of Nike where he grew lines of business to more than half a billion in annual revenue. While at Nike, Parker realized what made Nike successful wasn’t their billion-dollar marketing budgets, they were successful because of their relentless consumer focus, their ability to communicate their purpose clearly, and their process to convert customers into passionate fans.While at Nike, he realized the process they used to market and build their brand was something all businesses could do which inspired him to build his own copywriting and marketing agency helping mission driven businesses attract devoted customers.


Parker lives and works in Portland, Oregon and does his best to keep up with his wife Melissa, a former 6-time All-American D-1 runner and current product manager at Nike, and their 2-year-old daughter Maddie. He has a BA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Washington


About Parker Nash Marketing : Parker Nash Marketing helps great brands find the right words to use in their marketing to attract more customers. With a compelling brand message and marketing plan, businesses will be able to identify and attract new leads easily with a lead generator. This creates an unbreakable relationship by nurturing new customers with an email campaign and increasing sales conversions.


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