1392 – Getting Motivation from Accomplishment with Bellwether Hub’s Jim Frawley

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Jim Frawley, executive coach, business consultant, speaker and Founder of Bellwether Hub. He is the author of “Adapting in Motion: Finding Your Place in the New Economy” and host of the Bellwether Hub podcast.

Jim shares the main objectives of Bellwether, which is above all to help all leaders and entrepreneurs in the financial sector. He has observed over the years that many still lack the knowledge and skills to be successful, so coaching is needed. With his knowledge and skills, Jim has developed a roadmap that will enable businesses to become stronger, more productive and more efficient.

Jim also briefly shares the processes they use to build trust through authentic communication. He says a high level of understanding is needed for greater credibility. He also stresses the importance of creating a work environment where people feel safe and well supported. This strategy will help solve many problems related to lack of motivation in the workplace.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What is Bellwether?
  • Importance of communication for business leaders
  • Roadmap to improve lack of motivation in the workplace
  • The key to authentic communication

About Jim Frawley:

Jim is the founder of Bellwether, an executive development community dedicated to helping individuals and organizations build resilience, adapt to change, and thrive in rapidly changing environments.

Jim provides a range of services, including keynote speaking, executive and business coaching, and workshop development and facilitation. He is the author of “Adapting in Motion: Finding Your Place in the New Economy” and host of the Bellwether Hub podcast, creating a library of resources for teams and individuals to continuously grow.

He has worked with clients in eight countries and thirty-nine states to date to create and implement change management, corporate training and strategic planning programs, as well as organizational redesigns.

Her specialties include executive communications, self-efficacy and accountability, and preparing for change when we don't know what change is coming.

Jim has a unique ability to get people to do things they didn't think they could (as evidenced by convincing an Irish cousin to swim in the Hudson River).

About Bellwether:

Bellwether is for executives or entrepreneurs who recognize they are capable of more. From career development to C-Suite readiness, they co-create a development solution that is both repeatable and sustainable into the future. From workshops to one-on-one coaching, they'll prepare you for where you want to go.

At Bellwether, they have strong opinions about how coaches should operate and how coaching relationships are formed. To this end, Bellwether guarantees a successful coaching outcome for all clients who work with us. They believe that coaching engagements are only successful when the client, the organization AND the coach are aligned and held accountable to each other and to the process.

Tweetable Moments:

04:36 – “Many of them [people in high-pressure roles] aren't told how to behave, act, or advocate for themselves within such a high-pressure environment.”

05:29 – “A lot of these people have really high potential. They have a desire to be successful. They just don't have the basic knowledge.”

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