1393 – Allowing you to Run Your Business Smoothly with MadeWithLove’s Andreas Creten

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Andreas Creten, Cofounder and CEO of madewithlove.

Andreas shares his fascination with software tools that began when he was just 18 years old. As co-founder of madewithlove, he shares some of their successes working with clients – big and small. He also highlights their mission, values ​​and services. In business for over a decade, he is proud to say that they have served many companies around the world. They help build startups from the ground up by covering everything technical: from craftsmanship to building roadmaps – they are the technical voice of their clients. He also says that they not only provide ideas on where to start, but also help manage their tools.

Key Points from Episode:

  • The origin story
  • The services offered by MadeWithLove
  • Success stories

About Andreas Creten:

Andreas is founding partner and CEO of madewithlove. Operating as interim CTO or VP of Product Management, he is focused on helping product businesses succeed by pivoting the organization; be user-centric, be able to help employees thrive, and leverage technology in the best way to optimize usability, quality, and speed.

About madewithlove:

Madewithlove helps its clients to create digital products and build teams that will improve their business. They only work on projects that are at the heart of our client's business. They love challenges; they make their clients shine. They have the brains and the heart to take the most complex projects to the finish line. They can also help with software engineering, product management, managing technical teams, audits, and technical consulting.

Tweetable Moments:

04:57 – “It's not that they're firing them, but the situation may be that the CTO might take it up wrong and then leave. So we prepare ourselves to step in.”

08:23 – “Most of the time, people don't know that they have an issue or don't want to share it with the outside world.”

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