1395 – Quitting the Cult of Busy with Take it Easy Group’s Tarra Stubbins

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Tarra Stubbins, Founder of Take It Easy Group.

Tarra shares her passion for helping start-ups succeed. Drawing on her years of experience as the Rolling Stones' personal executive assistant, she uncovers the secrets of delegation, time management and productivity lessons. Tarra combines these lessons with secret celebrity stories and leaves audiences with the inspiration, tools and strategic support they need to grow sustainably.

With her proactive and thoughtful executive assistants, Tara is committed to her clients' success through a strategic partnership system. Their mission is to provide individualized care and the best possible service to companies that want to focus on their top ROI priorities.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What is the Take It Easy Group?
  • What makes them unique than staffing companies may do?
  • About quitting the cult of busy

About Tarra Stubbins:

Helping others runs in Tarra Stubbins' blood. She has been a personal assistant for over 20 years and still loves every moment. Tarra is often quoted saying she was put on this planet for a reason, and that's to help others succeed.

After ten years on the road supporting touring musicians and artists, Tarra established Take It Easy Personal Concierge Inc. in 2007. Tarra has taken the skills she learned on the road and puts them to use to help her customers eliminate their to-do lists on a daily basis.

Tarra is extremely passionate about time management and delegation techniques. Very early in her career, she noticed that the celebrities she coached all had specifically detailed delegation and time management systems. She learned that these skills were exactly what helped stars stand out from the crowd and become hugely successful. She teaches individuals and organizations how to make better use of the 24 hours given to them daily, to be more successful and less stressful, through keynote speeches and coaching sessions. Tarra leaves her audience and clients with the inspiration and tools they need to take action and become the rock stars of their own careers.

Tarra is a respected media spokesperson and keynote speaker. She has been featured on many prominent media outlets. Tarra shared her sought-after keynote with an international audience of entrepreneurs and businesses.

Tarra is a graduate of Humber College's Film and Television Production Program and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Western Sydney in Australia.

About Take It Easy Group:

The Take It Easy Group is a team of experienced executive assistants who help seed and Series A startups scale to success. Their goal is to keep you and your business organized and efficient, so you can focus on growing. Their team of talented executive business partners can help you develop methods and efficiencies that will propel you to success.

Tweetable Moments:

09:57 – “I learned, one, that I was only going to let the people who appreciated what I was doing take up my time.”

10:46 – “There is an intuition when starting businesses and being an entrepreneur that we have to just run with things and be our person and be the leader in this space as well.”

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