1396 – Getting the Right People to Listen with BrEpic Communications’ Justin Breen

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Founder of BrEpic, Justin Breen.

 BrEpic helps visionary entrepreneurs connect with the right people who share the same goal of wanting to make a change in the world. Justin talks about his book and the formula he discovered to create a successful global brand. He also addressed the effect of mainstream media and the importance of collaboration in business. He shared that working with visionary individuals will give enterprises a higher chance of success than focusing on transactional relationships.

 Key points from this Episode:

  • Unlocking the formula for creating successful global companies
  • How directness attracts greatness in business?
  • Addressing the state of PR space in the industry
  • What makes BrEpic different?
  • The effect of overvaluing the vanity matrix
  • “Changing their world” people vs. “Changing the world” people
  • What’s the impact of collaboration in the business world
  • How to identify visionary individuals?

About Justin Breen:

BrEpic Communications LLC is guided by Justin Breen, who has 20+ years in the media business, has won dozens of editing and writing awards and is an author of countless viral stories. BrEpic will write clicky stories highlighting you or your business and finding the right pitch for multiple media outlets.

As an Assistant Managing Editor, Justin worked with the executive and managing editors daily as part of a team of two other assistant managing editors. He created daily and Sunday content for each newspaper section, with a focus on centerpiece articles for A1. He also helped to create and design content for the company's website. He also collaborated on special projects, preview sections, and communication strategies with the publisher, advertising director, and promotions director. Supervised the picture department, which included four full-time employees and tens of freelance photographers.

About BrEpic: 

BrEpic collaborates with a customer to generate a list of story ideas. BrEpic selects the best and writes stories that are likely to get picked up by mainstream media. After editing the article with BrEpic, the client publishes it on their website and sends the link to BrEpic, which distributes it to local, regional, and national media. If the media is interested in the story, BrEpic connects the client with the media contact, who coordinates interviews with the story subject or subjects. BrEpic keeps track of successful mainstream media placements and shares them on its social media sites, which include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. 

BrEpic Communications LLC will run your social media sites, write clicky stories that highlight you or your business, and find the right pitch for multiple media outlets!

Tweetable Moments:

02:19 – “What I have found is that directness eliminates nonsense and attracts greatness.”

06:06 – “I don't care if ten people are listening, but if they're the right ten people, that's all that matters to me.”

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