1399 – Empowering Digital Transformation with Encapture’s Will Robinson

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Will Robinson, CEO of Encapture.

Will shares some of the pain points faced by bank employees and lenders. He describes their job of manually processing documents for clients as very laborious, often chaotic, and an unproductive use of their time. One of the solutions to improve efficiency and customer service? Integrate an intelligent document automation platform that can perform repetitive tasks smoothly and quickly.

Will explains how Encapture works as an end-to-end platform for your document processing needs. It highlights some of the software's key features that can speed up processing times for some of the most important documents processed by bank employees and lenders. The software can support many different documents needed while improving digital experience, operational efficiency and compliance management.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Why do banks and lenders need intelligent document management software?
  • How banks and lenders would work with Encapture
  • Sales and business development

About Will Robinson: Will Robinson is the CEO of Encapture, a 20-year-old growing document management services company that transitioned to a SaaS product company in 2019 with additional investment funding. Will Robinson is a Dallas native who spent time in banking and private equity as a finance professional before moving into the software industry and then joining Encapture as CEO.

About Encapture: Encapture is intelligent document management software that helps financial institutions and healthcare providers speed up document processing. Encapture enables frontline workers to easily capture any type of document, then automatically extracts all relevant data using machine learning to process workflows and integrate the data with other software tools. It uses machine learning to help employees stop wasting time on mundane, repetitive tasks so they can focus on better serving their customers.

Banks, lenders, insurers, and businesses with high volumes of paperwork trust Encapture to keep their operations efficient, secure, and buzzing. They are told by their customers that they are a refreshing alternative to traditional enterprise capture software because their platform is easy to use and scalable.

Tweetable Moments:

00:35 – “We are in this space called ‘Intelligent Document Processing.' So if you think about a bank and people applying for a mortgage or a loan, there are a lot of incoming documents from that borrower that the bank has to review to make sure that you're qualified to get a loan from the bank.”

01:30 – “It's a multifaceted problem. Think about a borrower or a consumer. People these days expect an immediate turnaround.”

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