1402 – Finding Your Superpower with Jateya Jones

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with Jateya Jones, Clarity Consultant at Jateya Jones Consulting.

Jateya shares her passion for helping multi-enthusiasts, more commonly known as “serial entrepreneurs”, get a clear idea of ​​what they really want to do in life. She wants to break the stigma that because multi-enthusiasts jump from one job to another, they lack focus and commitment.  Jateya guides them to leverage their skills and embrace their superpowers. She believes that their creativity and innovative spirit could often lead to some obstacles in reaching their full potential.

Jateya is on a mission to help multi-passionate people articulate themselves clearly, be specific with their goals, gain confidence, and be the trailblazers they want to be. She described the different phases of the transition process: Ideation, Awareness, Alignment, Activation and Actualization, which can help individuals turn their vision into reality, empower them to present themselves confidently, stand out boldly and to claim their rightful place in the marketplace.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What a Clarity Coach does
  • Common Challenges of multi-passionate people
  • The different stages of the Transformation process

About Jateya Jones: Jateya is the clarity coach every CEO needs. Her background as a multi-passionate entrepreneur gives her a range of experience and understanding to better guide you to improved messaging. Prior to working with Jateya, she was unable to explain “what I do” in a way that sparked the interest of potential prospects and partners. Now she’s able to share a snippet from her platform that makes people lean in and want to know more. Her other professional services allowed her to hone her message and stand out through the clarity of her voice, who she serves, and how to position her brand authentically.


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