1403 – Being a Good Host with Nomono’s Jonas Rinde

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with Jonas Rinde, CEO and Founder of Nomono.

Jonas shares the story behind Nomono, which they designed as a complete podcast workload solution: no wires, no levels to adjust – just great sound, no hassle. In addition to automatic downloading and the ability to easily sync to the cloud, Jonas says Nonomo is a ready tool for professional spatial audio – a way for humans to listen to audio the same way as sound is heard in real life. Discussing its features, uses, and benefits, Jonas shares what makes Nomono powerful and incredibly user-friendly, especially for podcasters. He puts it simply, “a podcast studio in a box”.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Overview of what Nomono is
  • What is Spatial Audio?
  • Nomono Features, Functions and Benefits

About Jonas Rinde: Jonas Rinde is the current CEO of Nomono. He holds an MSc in Embedded Product Design from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a BSc in Product and Industrial Design from Kristianstad University. Jonas is also certified by Grow – Tomorrow's design leaders in Cross Company Full and Scrum Alliance in CSPO, Certified Scrum Product Owner.

About Nomono: Nomono is a team of 33 (and growing) with expertise across signal processing, acoustics, consumer electronics and media production. The company was founded in 2019 by Audun Solvang, Jonas Rinde, and Sigurd Saue. While most of us work from our headquarters in Trondheim, Norway, a select few hang out in Oslo and New York (but secretly wish they lived in Trondheim.) They are working together to simplify the production process for podcasters and broadcast journalists. Their goal is to enable meaningful conversations and storytelling without technology getting in the way.

Nomono builds hardware and software that is intuitive, collaborative and easy-to-use while delivering exceptional audio quality. They do it for the love of sound, stories, and human connection. From cave paintings to podcasting, great stories are what connects people. Nomono enables storytellers to be creative by freeing them from the complexity of audio production. We build technology that fades into the background and feels invisible, to make audio storytelling a human experience, not a technical challenge.

Tweetable Moments:

02:04 – “Special Audio is a way for humans to listen to audio, the way the audio is being heard in a realistic way.”

15:16 – “If you do recording the field, there are a lot of hours going and just fixing it all to make it sound good enough for your listeners.”

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