1404 – Nurturing Your Clients with Nicole Spencer

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with Nicole Spencer, Marketing Mentor of Authentic Conversion.

Nicole shares her mission to help businesses grow by building authentic customer relationships. She believes this particular aspect of business — helping people become better connectors in the name of building their business — has been taken for granted since the dawn of the digital marketing era. Consumers were constantly bombarded with advertisements that made them a hyper-resistant population. Ads have become less effective, there is so much distrust in the market now, and people always want more. She says the only way to get through it is through genuine conversations – and that's her mission!


Nicole explains that her coaching skills are geared towards building and connecting in order to get more leads and conversions. She coaches clients how to bring in more people, instead of chasing them. Some of the added value propositions on which its mission stands for are service, adaptability, authenticity, integrity, generosity and patience.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The importance of building connections and relationships with customers and business partners
  • The Impact of Authentic Customer Conversations in Today's Digital Age
  • The different ad types to increase leads

About Nicole Spencer: Nicole Spencer was a two-time veteran business owner and business coach who founded Authentic Conversion. She's a former teacher, fitness professional and business coach. She created her own fitness bootcamp and sold it for multiple 6 figures in just 3 years. She did this by using the customer acquisition and conversion strategies she now teaches others. She has worked with hundreds of fitness professionals, health coaches, and life coaches, helping them grow their businesses and revenues exponentially.

Nicole developed Nomono out of a need for integrity and authenticity in business coaching. Her mission is to change the conversion and reshape the perception of business coaching, help companies create an offering that delivers the highest quality content possible, and help them achieve financial rewards.

 About Authentic Conversion: Authentic Conversion is a coaching company that helps online coaches grow and scale their business to $10,000+ month and beyond. Their approach is to market and sell with authentic messaging and integrity – something they see less and less of in today's coaching climate.

Authentic Conversion's mission is to help businesses make more money and create a sustainable, profitable business that feels aligned, empowers them to have a life beyond work, and serves their audience well. At Authentic Conversion, integrity matters. And in the culture of online coaches they've built, they're creating a space where integrity and authenticity are core values ​​in the companies they support.


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