1407 – Modernizing Customer Interface with CardBlanch and Alty’s Leo Goriev

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with Leo Goriev, Founder & CEO of Card Blanch and Alty.

Leo talks about his experience in the IT industry and how Card Blanch and Alty, the two companies he founded, could have a big impact in the world when it comes to banking and technology. Their three main focuses are strategy, design and usability, and technical execution. On value, Leo stresses the importance of focusing their product on the core needs of their target audience: usability, security and functionality.

Leo also talks about his excitement to launch Card Blanch early next year. With an all-in-one bank card, people will no longer carry 4-6 bank cards everywhere they go for all their business transactions. He thinks that in today's digital age, products like this are needed to make people feel confident about where their money is going.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The benefits of using of Card blanch
  • Predictions and Availability
  • Understanding the basic needs of Gen Z customers
  • UX-Driven Trends Fintech Companies Need to Catch Up

About Leo Goriev:

Leo Goriev has been an IT entrepreneur for ten years and has been working in the world of general entrepreneurship for 15 years now. He started in IT when he joined a service design and development company – Alty (formerly Alterplay).

In 2011, their team got their first banking client, and since then they have tightened their expertise in banking and fintech, signed a partnership with VISA, won several prestigious awards like RedDot, more than 20 different banks in a portfolio, and more. 

Leo and his team have gained a lot of experience working with different banks around the world. They conducted many in-depth interviews with users and gained insight into how they interact with banks, cards and money. This led them to the idea that they don't need to invent a new bank; there are a lot of them there. They must bring a new way of using the services of these banks, in particular a new way of using their cards. This is how they created CardBlanch.

About Card Blanch:

Card Blanch is a developer of a ceramic premium card designed to provide a card that combines all debit, credit and reward cards. The company's payment card connects all debit and credit cards to reinvent the shopping experience so a user never has to switch cards when making a payment, also automatically applies merchant discounts eliminating the hassle of carrying all loyalty cards, also provides expense information, allowing users to make contactless payments for all their bank cards.

About Alty:

Since 2020, Alty has been an official partner of the Mastercard worldwide payment system. Thanks to the company’s effective collaboration, they have managed to successfully launch a large number of banking and fintech projects across the CEMEA economic region. Alty deeply values their partnership with Mastercard and together they strive to deliver innovative changes to the banking and fintech industries all around the world.

Tweetable Moments:

02:24 – “So we found that an average American has around four to six different bank cards. And it's a mess, right? Because you need to store them and carry them, you need to remember all the pins.”

09:01 – “So when you put your customer, your user, in the center of the whole product, they'll try to build a product on top of that understanding. So it's very important to understand who your user is.”

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