1408 – Loving Your Motherhood with MotherLoad’s Lindsay Roselle

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Lindsay Roselle, growth and performance coach, podcaster for MotherLoad, founder and CEO of Lindsay Roselle, LLC.

Lindsay shares her passion for helping ambitious women entrepreneurs achieve their desire to succeed while being a devoted mother. She shares how she built her life design company after experiencing firsthand the pressures, expectations and burdens of motherhood. She says her journey has changed her life and wants to share it with other women struggling to find their unique identity.

Lindsay’s mentorship programs focus on empowerment, community, and mental load auditing. She’s committed to doing the inner work and helping other women get back into alignment. Her goal? To lead a movement of women that feel fully empowered and understood in both roles.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Expectations of being a mother-slash-entrepreneur
  • Expanding the capacity to carry the load
  • The use of therapeutic psychedelic drugs

About Lindsay Roselle:

Lindsay works with high-performing entrepreneurs, leaders, and organizations on aligning and refining their strategies for growth. Her methodology is based on 15+ years of experience in corporate management, small business ownership, Yin yoga and mindfulness meditation teaching, and motherhood.

She loves working with growth-minded women who need new tools and perspectives to reach the next level. Lindsay's focus on “inward first” helps her clients identify habits and patterns that are holding them back, and build the practices and processes that will allow them to break through and step into empowered personal alignment.

Lindsay also works with individuals, small businesses, and organizations on “outward and upward” – helping define and clarify customer messaging, build out business structure and systems that facilitate growth, and create better durability and resilience in anticipation of change.

Lindsay has also worked extensively with companies like MINDBODY, lululemon, and OtterBox on community building (both internal and customer-focused), including both online and in-person forms of community.

She has a multitude of proprietary frameworks she's developed and refined over years of working as a coach, consultant, and community leader. This means all clients benefit from those that have come before, and working with Lindsay is the perfect mix of proven structure and personalized flow.

Lindsay and her team take on a limited number of 1:1 clients in our Growth + Performance Coaching program every quarter, and accept applications to their business growth strategy consulting program on an on-going basis. Their 1:1 clients include women who are early-stage entrepreneurs, startup founders, leaders in rapidly growing small businesses as well as multi-billion dollar established organizations, and everything in between. Their growth strategy consulting clients range from 2 person small businesses to large multinational companies.

Tweetable Moments:

06:14 – “I think there's a lot of awareness that we need as women to look, or as mothers especially, to look at, okay, where's the expectation coming from? Is there someone in my life putting it on me? And is that a conversation or a boundary I need to have, or is this some internal wiring that I need to look at?”

07:37 – “I think it starts with awareness of where the root of that expectation is coming from in your life and whether it's external or internal.”

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