1409 – Improving Your Follow-Through with Hop Skip Media’s Ameet Khabra

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Ameet Khabra, Founder of Hope Skip Media

Ameet talks about her expertise in paid traffic. As someone with immense experience in the industry, she says paid traffic today is very different from the past: more expensive, more demanding, more competition and less control. Along with that, you have to try out new features and decide what's best if you were to reach a wider audience. Her advice is to work with agencies that have seen them all – know and understand which tools and platforms work best for their business.

In terms of paid traffic for the B2B space, Ameet's advice to entrepreneurs: to consider the buyer's journey over 100 days (3 months ahead) to really get a good picture of their funnel. She says understanding where their audience is in their buying cycle and giving them what they want to hear is the crucial part of B2B advertising. She also discusses the importance of incorporating marketing psychology into copywriting, engaging and tracking the target audience, client collaboration, and the best SEO and PPC techniques.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Paid Traffic Today vs Yesterday
  • Dangers of Working with Someone without Prior Knowledge and Experience in Paid Traffic
  • Paid Traffic in B2B Space

About Ameet Khabra:

As a seasoned PPC advertising specialist, Ameet has helped clients achieve up to 500% ROI with their digital advertising campaigns. Her work has included managing over $4 million in ad spend for a single client, as well as delivering meaningful, measurable results for startups and small businesses.

Ameet's agency (Hop Skip Media) has established itself as a highly effective PPC campaign management solution provider. They take accounts from scratch to heroes, working from the ground up and taking over from other companies to deliver results for our clients. She is personally involved in every account and manages the development and execution of campaign strategy on a daily basis.

Ameet currently splits her time between Vancouver and Edmonton, trying to spend as much time as possible with her two puppies (Luke and Leia).

About Hop Skip Media

Hop Skip Media is a general marketing agency, staffed by PPC experts from Edmonton, that caters to businesses that need help with their PPC. They know and have experience with online advertising, so businesses can connect to more customers faster. Their sole purpose is to improve the results of digital advertising campaigns. They won't rest until you succeed.

Hop Skip Media uses campaign performance data to research new ways to grow your business through online marketing. They monitor the data closely and openly share this with their customers. They believe that when PPC advertising strategies are truly data-driven, it's like flipping a switch: changes to your ads lead to increased activity.

Hop Skip Media's core values ​​include: open, consistent and transparent communication. They'll give it to you straight, the good and the bad, and they'll always be ready to pivot to move you toward your growth goal.

Tweetable Moments:

03:51 – “Google doesn't necessarily have your best interest at heart. They care about the user, and I love that they care about the user. But, we must remember, they're not a charity. They're an actual business.”

05:05 – “The biggest thing that a lot of people have to remember, especially in the B2B space, is that the buyer journey is 100+ days.”

06:27 – “Just understanding where those people are in their cycle and then actually offering them something that they want when they're in that phase is the crucial part of B2B advertising.”

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