1412 – Sell Yourself with Dr. Cindy McGovern

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with Dr. Cindy McGovern, author of the book “Sell Yourself: How to Create, Live and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand.”

Dr. Cindy shares her thoughts on why people often shy away from doing sales. She's aware of the common biases and negative opinions about it, but believes there's a way to get over with the icky factors – like she did, and redefine selling as helping others.

Dr. Cindy herself and her team of professionals help salespeople to sell themselves and their ideas really well – without being pushy, manipulative and boastful. Their goal is to train them to embrace their inner salesperson so they can elevate the facets of their brand. Her advice to sales professionals? Never forget to rebrand yourself to have enthusiastic fans who trust you. She says that when trust is established, it would be easier to build a network that will see you as their best choice.

Dr. Cindy also talks about the different courses and mentoring programs offered at their consulting firm. This includes coaching people to bring their most amazing qualities and attributes into their work.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • What Sales are NOT
  • Practical Advice on How to Build a Great Framework to Attract Business
  • Personality of the World's Most Successful Salespeople
  • Brand Communication Elements

About Dr. Cindy McGovern:

Known as the First Lady of Sales®, Dr. Cindy has worked with major organizations over the past 18 years to not only help them grow, but to transform their human capital into confident salespeople at all levels of their business. Dr. Cindy also works one-on-one with individuals to walk them through her process and turn them into better, more confident salespeople, no matter what they're selling!

 Using tools from her Doctorate in Organizational Communication and years of consulting, Dr. Cindy developed sales cultures across various industries to change human behavior at a fundamental level. Her goal is to help people to get over the ick factor in selling so they can embrace their inner salesperson. Because everyone sells every day, Dr. Cindy wants to be a resource to help people to learn how to sell more effectively. With a business motto of “Grow Big or Go Home,” Dr. Cindy transforms businesses and individuals to increase growth and revenue. 

 Backed by an equally experienced team, Dr. Cindy is the face of Orange Leaf Consulting and is working with McGraw-Hill to release her second book this fall, titled Sell Yourself: How to Create, Live and Sell a Powerful Personal Brand

Tweetable Moments:

01:46 – “I believe that sales is a life skill, not a business skill.”

06:31 – “So the old sales tactics were ABC: always be closing. I think it's ABC: always be curious.”

18:12 – “If you see something in another person, tell them that. Help them to see that talent and that work, and then hopefully, that person will start to own it.”

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