1419 – Achieving Consistent and Predictable Sales with Linchpin Sales’ Brandon Cockrell

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Brandon Cockrell, founder and president of Linchpin Sales Interactive.

Brandon shares his passion for helping businesses increase sales and profitability. With over 10 years of sales and marketing experience, he and his team have developed a robust system that will ensure long-term business success. From identifying the most profitable and efficient way to sell products and services to getting more loyal customers, everything is guaranteed to achieve the desired results.

Brandon also explains their top funnel strategies for getting the most effective results. With Linchpin's concept of being a tool that holds everything together, Brandon's vision is for their partners to see them as the most vital part of their success – the one who helps, drives and cares for their success month after year.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Understanding Top Funnel Strategies
  • Linchpin's Business Concept
  • The Biggest Divider Between Brands Today and in the Future

About Brandon Cockrell:

Brandon Cockrell has over 12 years of successful sales, marketing and business development. Much of this experience was in helping large businesses and corporations maximize their revenue growth. His decision to start his own business came from his desire to help companies that really need it and, more importantly, to appreciate it. This led him to discover the needs and problems that Linchpin Sales Interactive now solves. He and his team are dedicated to one thing: doing whatever it takes to help their clients achieve their goals and succeed in their business. His number one saying is “you should do business with us because we genuinely care about your success and aim to prove it”.

About Linchpin Sales Interaction:

Linchpin Sales Interactive was started by Brandon Cockrell after 12 successful years in sales and marketing with major companies, such as Wells Fargo and the PGA TOUR. Over the years, and after meeting with thousands of business owners and managers, Brandon noticed a common problem with all businesses. They had issues bringing more quality customers into their doors consistently and predictably. It was then that he decided to do something about it – and he didn't want to stop there. He wanted to ensure that everything Linchpin did for his clients had a purpose, was completely transparent and could provide a proven return on investment.

 This being the company's core mission, it has quickly grown to have a full team of experts (which is led by his wife, Maghan) helping businesses of all sizes, and in multiple markets across the countries, to produce massive results. Now they are thrilled to have the first fully automated A-to-Z marketing solution (their Business Builder marketing program) designed to help their clients get the results they've always wanted and start focusing on the things they value most about their business.

Tweetable Moments:

04:54 – “We want to ensure that they see your brand everywhere they go online. And obviously, implementing a strategy like that works regardless of industry and market because it's all about touchpoints, and people tend to overthink it, right?”

10:00 – “We don't need to try selling everybody at the top of the funnel. We need to find a way to get more people into your database so we can sell them on the backend because you're going to be more profitable from that standpoint, plus you're going to be more set up for success.”

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