1422 – The Four Levels of Awareness with Quantum Results’ Dan Hoover

Dan shares his passion for helping people change their mindset about everything around them. He says there are things that keep people from getting where they want to go, but that doesn't mean it can't be undone. He takes as an example the principles of love attraction, and practices 4 levels of consciousness: For Me (victim mode), By Me (take responsibility, make it happen), Through Me (work with the laws of universe to attract what you want, and As Me (realize that everyone is connected and we are one).

Dan believes that it's all about energy, and the type of energy you focus on will trigger a series of events in your professional and personal life. He says negative thoughts will attract other negative energy and build on themselves. His advice? Focus on the energy that will help you get what you really want. He also explains how the Sanctuary of Mind can help reverse negative thoughts and energy, such as anxiety and depression.

Dan talks to clients to match where they are and their goals, to what he offers, and organizes everything to help them accelerate mindset shifts around them. He believes that everything we experience today is the result of our thoughts from the past.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The Concept of the 4 Levels of Awareness
  • Understanding the Law of Love Attraction
  • Hitting the Reset Button through Daily Choices

About Dan Hoover:

Dan is an accomplished professional, with extensive experience in all aspects of successfully managing a team of consulting professionals. Dan also has excellent experience and solid credentials in running a successful business. He is the executive life coach at Quantum Results, helping people develop the mindset shift they need for any investment strategy. His specialties include Belief Shift, Paradigm Discovery, Self-Image Enhancement, Personal Development, Limiting Beliefs, Self-Awareness, Goal Achievement, Breakthroughs, Leadership, State of mind, conscience and passive income. He lives in Eden, Utah, USA with his family.

 About Quantum Results:

Quantum Results helps ambitious people discover what they want and how to attract it into their life through a proven process of success and satisfaction. Their mission is to provide actionable practices that people can implement every day to achieve their ideal financial results. Using the Quantum Breakthrough approach, they provide a practical roadmap to reach new levels of financial success: Clarify Your Vision, Raise Your Vibration & Set Intention, Replace Limiting Beliefs, Create Your Sanctuary, Create a Life You Love and Live Fully On Your Terms. The various programs and coaching sessions offered are proven to discover, break through and experience new levels of success.

Tweetable Moments:

04:46 – “Everything is energy. And the energy that you put out either resonates or is in dissonance with other energy out in the world. And if it's in resonance, quantum physics has taught us that they attract, they're compatible, they come together.”

06:02 – “Most people focus their energy on what's not working, what's a problem, and what's an obstacle.”

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