1432 – What is True and False with Performance Meets Purpose’s Darleen Santore

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge talks with Darleen Santore, a.k.a. Coach Dar, Founder and CEO of Performance Meets Purpose Consulting, author of The Art of Bouncing Back: Find Your Flow to Thrive at Work and in Life ― Any Time You're out of your game.

Darleen shares her mission to help people recover from adversity through her expertise as a Certified Occupational Therapist, and her passion for seeing people break through and achieve greatness. She understands the pain and difficulties of failure, loss or setback. However, she believes we can all recover from it. Darlene provides practical advice on how to manage negative emotions and free the mind from ruminating on them. One of her methods is to let people recognize the problem, encourage them to feel it and take action, so that they no longer get stuck on it.

Darlene says she is honored to serve CEOs and professional athletes in her chosen career path. She reminds everyone that we have a 100% bounce back rate. She says we are able to wire our brains to think we can bounce back from anything hard we can ever think of – as long as we are willing to come back up, there is always a way forward.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • Overview of Darleen’s Work & Mission
  • Recommendations to Avoid Ruminating over Failures and Setbacks
  • The Book “The Art of Bouncing Back” Transformative Goals


About Darleen Santore:  As a Board Certified Occupational Therapist, CEO and Founder of Performance Meets Purpose Consulting, Author and Keynote Speaker, Coach Dar is passionate about helping people overcome adversity to achieve excellence. Recently named a Senior Fellow of PathNorth, an organization of global leaders and CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, her powerful message continues to reach global audiences.

Coach Dar blends knowledge of psychology, life, experience, and her personal mission in life to inspire greatness in everyone she meets. The result? Individuals, corporate executives, and professional athletes are discovering their own personal missions, individual gifts, and turning to goals they thought were impossible. It is her unique style and approach to transformational seminars, high-impact conferences and exclusive one-on-one sessions that have helped countless people say NO to the status quo, raise the bar in their lives and overcome the adversity to revive their fire.

An inspirational woman eager to give back, Coach Dar was honored with the WNBA's Most Inspirational Woman of 2017 award, was recognized in the 2018 VoyagerPhoenix series titled “Trailblazers: Rewriting The Narrative”, and is a founding member of WISH (Women in Service and Hope) for the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Phoenix. Coach Dar is also a U.S. Ambassador for the Global Pay It Forward Day initiative, driven by the belief that #RaisingTheBar includes acts of kindness that leave every person and place we meet better than when we found them.


Tweetable Moments:

11:35 – “I want to remind everyone listening that we have a 100% bounce back rate. Because if you're listening right now, you've bounced back from anything hard that you thought you could never make it back from. We always come back if we're willing to get back up.”

13:19 – “Many of them haven't had a chance to dream or think about that. And when they start writing it down, they realize they have more to give than just being an athlete. And they are more than an athlete. Many of them are smart and have great creative ideas for business.”


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