1433 – Working out how to Achieve Your Goals with Jessica Laverde

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with business strategist, Jessica Laverde.

Jessica shares her passion for helping expert coaches take their business to the next level by reverse engineering their programs and marketing strategies. She shares some of the biggest mistakes she commonly sees with some coaching programs these days, and explains how her training and expertise could help coaches bring the majority of their clients to the promised result.

Jessica recommends developing a very simple action plan for implementation and making data-driven decisions through the use of a data tracker. She also adds the importance of setting up systems the right way and collecting testimonials for each stage of the program, so that it speaks to everyone on a different level.

Jessica also discusses the impact of a client-centered program. She says if your clients progress, the coaches will also progress. She explains some of the benefits of customer-centric programs, including having lifelong customers who feel seen and heard, and greater profitability for the business.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • Overview of the Company’s Objectives
  • Some Big Mistakes Coaches Commonly Make
  • Why are Milestones so Critical?


About Jessica Laverde:  Jessica teaches how to scale business to 7 figures with evergreen strategies and group programs. Her knowledge and extensive experience in social media and digital marketing has made her an invaluable asset and business partner. She is an accomplished professional who is able to keep the pulse on how customers are accessing and embracing digital media. Her recommendations and assistance have allowed businesses to increase their relevance in the market and their customer acquisition.


Tweetable Moments:

02:38 – “There's a ton of people teaching you to get clients. Many people are teaching you to do all that, but they're not teaching you how to keep your clients. They're not teaching you how to deliver your coaching. They're not giving you the tools or the skill sets to get most of your clients to the promised outcome.”

10:43 – “If you have happy, successful clients and get more of them across the finish line, that will make your sales and marketing much easier.”


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