1434 – Helping Organizations Modernize with HiveMind Network’s Lyndon Docherty

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Lyndon Dochery, Chief Executive of HiveMind Network.

Lyndon shares his passion for helping medium and large businesses find independent employees to do the things that would allow them to have a big impact on the world and on themselves. He understands organizations' frustrations when it comes to unmet goals at the end of the year. He believes that one way to transform organizations to where they want to be is to bring together qualified employees – with relevant experience and a set of shared values – ​​in a fun, flexible and free environment.

Lyndos shares one of their core values ​​- recognizing and demonstrating that they are stronger together. He says he and his team at HiveMind Network have the ability to help people understand their value, and bring them to where they can get the most out of what they do by working with people with complementary and additional skills. He says using their model would allow companies to cut costs, only have one contract to sign, and still get exactly the skills they want.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • What is Hiveman Network?
  • Types of Services & Areas of Consultancy Offered
  • The Advantages of Moving to Hiveman Network’s Business Model


About Lyndon Dochery: Lyndon Dochery is an entrepreneur, business leader and market development strategist, with a strong background in IT and over 25 years' experience in the UK and Europe, working in blue chip companies and start-ups. He enjoys and is good at refining and implementing innovative and scalable operations, service and product sales and go-to-market strategies across multiple industries. He also enjoys growing and working with a great network of amazing people.


About HiveMind Network: HiveMind Network works with customers at all levels to help make things happen – whatever capability adds the most value. From a sounding board for senior management, to hands-on coaching for employees, to developing, resourcing and helping deliver key programs and projects, they share risks, rewards, guarantees, expertise and experiences.

HiveMind Network's ultimate commitment is that if you engage them and don't add value, they don't charge. No customer invoked this option! To do this, they have a global network of incredibly talented, enthusiastic and enterprising business, technology and design experts who are making a positive difference in the world! These are people who love what they do and want to do it without the chains and bureaucracy of traditional businesses. HiveMind Network is able to bring together various disciplines and skills, and focus them on solving their clients' challenges.


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