1435 – Using Feedback to Grow with SpiderGap’s Alexis Kingsbury

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Alexis Kingsbury, Co-Founder of Spider Gap.

Alexis shares his passion for helping organizations and employees discover personal and professional areas to work on to achieve better performance through their 360 degree feedback tool. He believes that there are many opportunities for growth, and that with self-awareness, feedback and support, they can be fully realized. He says the lack of feedback could potentially cause a lot of stress in an organization, negatively impacting A-players who constantly want to grow and improve.

Alexis explains how the power of their service allows organizations to identify the strengths and areas for improvement of their employees. He says their 360-degree feedback tool is a game changer – now the highest rated 360-degree feedback tool in the world. He says they designed it to be intuitive and user-friendly so anyone can easily run it and create projects and reports through it.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • What is Spider Gap?
  • How Does Lack of Company Feedback Cause A Lot of Stress?
  • Practical Tips for Business Owners to Succeed


About Alexis Kingsbury: Alexis has two software companies with a combined team of 16 super happy people, who don't require him on a daily basis in the business – so he can focus his time on growth or take a lot of time to be with his family. His mission is to help business leaders create and use amazing processes and integration so they can delegate effectively, support their team's development, and get more done with less stress.


Alexis is currently active in three businesses / roles:

1. He is the co-founder of AirManual, where they make it easy to create simple processes and onboarding that others can use, edit and provide feedback on.

2. He is the co-founder at Spidergap; the employee-friendly 360 degree feedback tool. They work with over 500 organizations (ncluding, 3M, PwC, Pepsi) around the world to help their employees to prioritize and take action on their personal development.

3. He is a partner in the management consultancy Bridging Insight Ltd, focusing on improving the ways in which teams across organizations work together. They have worked with global FTSE 100 organizations (including Sony, AstraZeneca, IMI, ABF) to help them improve working relationships between teams and individuals, and to design and implement the roles, processes and technology to support effective working.


In his spare time, Alexis also hosts the Parentpreneur Accelerator podcast; helping parents who are entrepreneurs to build successful start-ups whilst having quality time with their families. His specialty areas are the following: Employee onboarding, Process documentation, Process Design, Employee development, Entrepreneurship, Parentpreneur, Start-up, SaaS, L&D, 360 feedback, Collaboration, Consultancy, HR, Finance, coaching, change management, online tools, business transformation, facilitation, performance management.


About Spider Gap: Spidergap is the employee-friendly 360 degree feedback tool. Customers, such as Fitness First, Sony and Autodesk chose Spidergap because:

  • They can create and manage their own assessments
  • The feedback reports are incredibly easy to understand
  • It's easy to self-manage and scale up without expensive consultants as the customer support provided is world-class.
  • Spidergap is one of the lowest cost providers.


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