1439 – The Power of Mobile with App Samurai’s Emre Fadilioglu

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Emre Fadillioglu, Co-Founder and CEO of AppSamurai and Storyly.

Emre shares his passion for helping brands achieve their growth goals in the mobile growth industries. He shares some of the established and newly launched brands they work with all over the world. Emre says there are many manual consulting processes when it comes to mobile app growth. Their solution? Automate manual work and put their know-how and practice within everyone's reach.

Emre provides recommendations on how to acquire leads, optimize your app, and grow third-party networks by working with great partners. He says that even if you acquire a lot of great users, it's important to keep those users engaged with your app — the reason they've built Storyly. He explains Storyly’s features and benefits in terms of helping customers create an environment where their users can share their own experiences to increase conversion and retention rate.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • Overview of AppSamurai & Storyly
  • Practical Tips to Get More Users to Engage & Use Your App
  • How Storyly Can Increase Conversion & Retention Rate of App Users


About Emre Fadillioglu:  Emre Fadıllıoğlu is co-founder and CEO of App Samurai, went on to graduate with a degree in Business Administration from METU, and had an Executive Leadership degree from UC Berkeley. He later pursued finance, sales, and business development roles at PwC, Enerjisa, and Oracle. Before App Samurai, he also co-founded Netvent (2013), a digital marketing agency that still operates today, and Growth Tower (2015), a mobile market agency, which gave way to App Samurai, which is listed in Europe’s Top 100 Hottest Startups list by Wired magazine in 2018.

About AppSamurai:

AppSamurai Inc. is an ad tech company providing expert knowledge and success-driven mobile growth solutions for any need in the mobile ecosystem. The AppSamurai User Acquisition platform is a solution of AppSamurai Inc. It is an AI-powered, secure mobile user acquisition platform to help you achieve your performance goals by reaching out to the right users at the right moment through different campaign types.

Over the span of the past 6 years, user acquisition of mobile apps has evolved, and hence being a technological company, AppSamurai has evolved along with it to better serve our clients. Among these models, they can be segmented as below depending on the requirement of the client:

  1. User Acquisition
  2. Rewarded Engagement
  3. On Device Media (OEM)
  4. Influencer Marketing

AppSamurai Inc. HQ is based in San Francisco-CA, USA. They also have branch offices across the globe in Ankara, London, Berlin, and Barcelona. They have 60+ people who are passionate about removing barriers to mobile advertising for high-growth companies.


About Storyly: Storyly is on a mission to unlock the new channels in mobile to spark creativity. Inspired by transformative creativity and powered by flexibility, their journey is all about exploring and disrupting how businesses connect and build long-lasting relationships with their users, be it B2B or B2C.

For them, the circles of Stories are the gateways to a world of boundless imagination, creativity, authentic content, interactions, and long-lasting connections. They believe that Storyly Stories are something more than a circle, full of possibilities. Powered by the founders of AppSamurai, an FT500 and Inc5000 company, Storyly today is the ultimate channel that is committed to the next-level mobile user engagement.


Tweetable Moments:

05:10 – “I really believe that it starts with the product. Sometimes app owners or developers or app marketers miss that part. The product itself is really important.”

05:45 – “It starts with organic efforts. So you need to first find sweet spots, and low-hanging fruits. So we always recommend our customers, or first let's say leads, to first acquire from world gardens like Facebook, Google, even in small amounts to test it.”


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