1441 – How To Define Company Culture with Great Mondays’ Josh Levine

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Founder of Great Mondays, Author of Great Mondays: How to Design a Company Culture Employees Love, Josh Levine.

Josh shares his passion for helping leaders create the kind of company culture they want for their employees. He says defining corporate culture and creatively designing it, as they see fit, is something leaders can do proactively. He guides them through his 6 components of corporate culture that will enable employees to work better. He says the secret to making employees more invested and engaged is to make them feel loved and understood. He advises companies to create a culture where employees can feel their impact, understand that they are part of something important, and work with a team they can trust.

Josh also addresses the issue of deteriorating employee relationships, especially when the pandemic hits, and offers practical ways to rebuild and strengthen them again for future investment and productivity. He says relationships are the synapses of culture – if you want people to connect around a shared set of values, beliefs, and commitments, you have to make sure those synapses continue to be built and strengthened.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • How Important is Corporate Culture today?
  • Practical Tips to Improving Employee Engagement
  • 6 Components of Corporate Culture
  • The Biggest Challenge Most Leaders Face Right Now
  • Engagement, Recruiting & Retaining Talents


About Josh Levine: Josh is a best-selling educator, designer, and author. He’s on a mission to help organizations design a cultural advantage. His new book Great Mondays: How to Design a Company Culture Employees Love, provides the framework and tools business leaders need to understand, design and manage their own culture.

For over 15 years, Josh has helped build culture-driven brands, and as Director of Great Monday, he continues his work with technology and social enterprises. He is best known for co-founding the nonprofit Culture LabX in 2013 and, as executive director, overseeing its growth into an international community. Each year, tens of thousands of culture professionals attend Culture LabX events and engage in in-depth conversations about promoting and defending culture as a strategic advantage for business.

Josh is sought after for his entertaining, inspirational and educational speeches that not only reveal new ideas, but inspire new action. He spoke to SXSW, Disrupt HR, and Wellness Council of America. And because he just can’t get enough, you will also find him sharing his ideas as an instructor in the groundbreaking MBA program in Design at the California College of the Arts and in articles across the web. His highly entertaining and accessible writing has been featured in Huffington Post, Fast Company, and the Design Management Journal. Josh holds a BS in Engineering Psychology from Tufts University, and BFA in design from the Academy of Art University.

About the book Great Mondays: How to Design a Company Culture Employees Love The book is about creating a vibrant work culture that inspires employees and promotes organizational growth. Evidence shows that culture drives budget performance. It's no secret that a toxic work culture can scare away employees and drive down profits. Creating a dynamic work culture that promotes both employee and business growth is essential to an organization's success. However, culture is a moving and difficult target.

In Great Mondays, brand strategist Josh Levine presents a proven formula for creating and managing a company culture that maximizes employee engagement, performance and retention for long-term business success. Written in a hard-hitting, results-oriented style, Great Mondays reveals the six elements needed to drive culture change in any type of organization.


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