1445 – The Onboarding Experience with Revv Spark’s Carly Cais

In this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with Carly Cais, Founder and CEO of RevvSpark.

Carly shares her passion for helping B2B companies succeed by producing full funnel content and copywriting for them to increase retention and sales. She explains the importance of providing a great onboarding experience with their customers – onboarding scripts, email sequences, PDFs, anything that can add value to the customer. Their objective? Ensure that the content their customers post is aligned with how their audience wants to interact with their business.

Carly says things have changed a lot in B2B since the Internet exploded. She says many B2B buyers no longer want a full sales process where they have to deal with a salesperson. They want to self-educate and get as much information online from your website or other digital touchpoints for legitimacy. She says their mission at RevvSpark is to ensure that their clients have a very robust digital library that people can tap into and self-educate to get to the point where all sales calls close around 50% or more.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • How Can Content Increase Customer Retention for B2B?
  • What are Customers Looking for Today More Than 5-10 Years Ago?
  • Understanding the Modern B2B Buyer


About Carly Cais:  Carly J. Cais (Founder and CEO, RevvSpark) started in marketing over 20 years ago, first in B2C and then B2B. Author of the upcoming book “Startup to Scaleup ” and CEO of content marketing agency RevvSpark, she is on a mission to grow businesses with creative “Conversion Content” that enhances internal teams and drives demand.


About RevvSpark:  RevvSpark is a content and copywriting agency that provides Conversion Content for demand generation, content marketing and sales enablement. It was launched in 2021, originally as a sales and marketing consultancy, then rebranded as an agency. Their team spans the globe with B2B content and copywriting experts. Founder and CEO Carly J. Cais brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, revenue operations, and sales enablement for SaaS organizations.

RevvSpark focuses on B2B businesses, primarily SaaS and services. They typically work with Growth Managers, VPs of Marketing, CMOs, CMOs, and CROs to amplify their efforts and help the business get to the next level. They create words, layout and images that convince and convert. They also help accelerate the growth of mid-stage businesses by complementing what internal teams can accomplish. They provide marketing content to generate demand in the market, encourage prospects to take the next step in the buyer's journey and convert visitors into buyers (MoFu/ToFu content).

RevvSpark's focus on excellence in the middle and bottom of the funnel. They delve into buyer psychology and buyer pain points, product expertise, long-tail keyword research, and leverage research and interviews with SMBs to create content that speaks to the target audience, exactly at their stage of the buying journey. They also create internal enablement content for sales teams to convert sales reps into seasoned professionals, reduce ramp-up time, document internal processes, and upgrade skill sets.


Tweetable Moments:

1:04 – “PDFs or any product documentation and anything that can add value to the customer, like providing them more information about the industry segment that they're in, that you get from your product and services so you can be the expert and

the authority in your field and give more value to your customers.”

01:42 – “We want to make sure that the content you're putting out there is always going to align with how your customer wants to interact with you, how they want to buy from you, and how they want to buy more from you.”


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