1449 – Quantifying Your Results with Brand Iron’s Michael Doyle

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Brand Champion and CEO of Brand Iron, Michael Doyle.

Michael is an expert in building great brands and Brand Iron helps its clients achieve their desired results. His company, Brand Iron, works with clients to develop a strategic brand plan, make brands quantifiable, trackable and produce desired outcomes.  According to Michael, their team tackles the branding issue from every angle because he strongly believes that a great brand is more than just having a great message and a great persona.


Michael advises business owners to first identify their interests and desired outcomes before seeking help from a branding or marketing company. By having a clear understanding of what they want to achieve, business owners can better evaluate which company will be the best fit to help them reach their goals. He suggests that this understanding will guide them to the right company to collaborate with, and ultimately lead to their desired outcome.


Key points from the Episode:

  • Insight on the 2023 Graphic Design trends
  • Understanding the difference between Brand Strategist and Web Designer
  • Engagement & Consultation


About Michael Doyle: For almost two decades, Michael has been transforming the face of Brand Marketing. He grew DNA Advertising, a tech-based advertising business, into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. In 2000, Michael sold the company as part of a nationwide IPO. Michael launched Brand Iron in 2002 and has since advised hundreds of other companies in a variety of industries throughout the world.


He also loves actively participating in community events and public speaking to educate others on the power and importance of branding and business development. Michael enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for what can be achieved when branding and strategy are aligned. He wants to help others by sharing his network and expertise.


Michael has: 

• Built a Denver-based advertising agency into a multi-million dollar company and sold it to a national integrated services provider in 2000.

• Served as a National Brand Director for a National Dotcom in preparation for going public.

• Has more than 25 years of branding, marketing and advertising experience.

• Michael has led more than 450 signature BrandStorm sessions & lead more than 500 brands being developed, has helped companies raise more than 5 billion dollars in capital and helped more than 40 companies get acquired.

• Serves on various boards – Return to Prosperity, The Dealmakers Conference, Halen Technology.

• Michael facilitates several CEO Groups including the The Dealmakers Conference (PE, RE and Tech networking group) & Emerging Companies Group.


About Brand Iron: Brand Iron is a multi-faceted branding and marketing agency passionate about changing businesses and altering brands. They're a group of independent thinkers, artists, and doers dedicated to producing unparalleled results for our clients.


They have years of experience in creating real-world results for companies in different industries, and know what it takes to make your business stand out.They propel their clients and organizations to new heights by utilizing tried and tested marketing strategies, inspired design, and integrated technological solutions.


Since 2002, Brand Iron has been inventing, defining, and reshaping brands, partnering with businesses seeking to achieve specific goals through their brand. They've worked with over 200 clients around Denver, Colorado, and the country, to build brands and increase revenue.


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