1450 – Launching with Ignition’s Derek Osgood

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and Founder of Ignition, Derek Osgood.

Ignition is a platform that helps companies create structured launch plans by providing tools and resources tailored to the launch process's specific communication needs. Derek advises businesses that treating each launch as a smaller version of future launches can help owners establish a defined process for launching new products or services. This approach helps ensure that each launch is well-planned and executed, and helps identify areas for improvement that can be applied to future launches.

Additionally, having a tiered launch process that can adapt to different types of launches can be beneficial, as it allows the company to tailor its approach to the specific needs of each launch.

Key points from the Episode:

  • What is Launching?
  • Insights on the Launching Process
  • Disadvantages in Using Simple Platforms
  • Ignition versus Project Management Tool

About Derek Osgood:

Derek is a former marketing exec turned founder, building Ignition – the collaborative GTM platform helping Product and Marketing teams to get new products to market faster and more effectively. Prior to founding Ignition, he was an early hire at Rippling where he stood up the Product Marketing function and helped scale the company to $20M in ARR. As a Product Marketing leader everywhere from startups to major brands like PlayStation, Derek has launched over 100 products and his products have generated over $1B in revenue. Now he’s building the platform he wished he had along the way.

He's an executive with broad marketing knowledge and talents. His skill set was polished while running massive P&Ls at PlayStation and constantly performing at startups. It includes all aspects of marketing, such as go-to-market, segmentation, product positioning, user acquisition and engagement, integrated offline marketing, digital performance marketing, creative development, and product management.

About Ignition:

It's a collaborative center designed with Product Marketing Alliance to manage GTM activities from start to finish. It assists Product Marketing and Product teams in increasing internal alignment by centralizing launch plans, assets, and execution in a single, visible source of truth, which automates internal communications and predicts whether products will ship on time or not.

Ignition has embedded tools to help you execute tasks such as conducting pricing research, monitoring competition intelligence, and recommending planning modifications based on your goals, allowing you to produce better plans faster. Ignition is backed by some of the best investors in the valley, including Bling Capital, Hiten Shah, Jack and Max Altman, and executives from Uber, Opendoor, TechCrunch, Sentry and others. Our founding team has extensive experience building at high-growth, industry-leading companies like Rippling, Facebook, Craft and PlayStation.

Tweetable Moments:

02:33 – “You need to understand who your competitive landscape looks like, why the thing that you're building is better or different from that.”

10:14 – “It's never going to be perfect. But ideally what you have is you have frameworks where you have a tiered launch process where you're able to adapt to different shapes and sizes and types of launches with different objectives.”

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