1451 – The Biggest Small Business Incubator with Riverbend Consulting’s Lesley Hensell

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CoFounder of Riverbend Consulting, Lesley Hensell.

Riverbend Consulting provides services to assist sellers in navigating the complex rules and regulations of the Amazon marketplace. They may offer guidance on product listing optimization, account management, and compliance with Amazon's policies.


Lesley shares that having a presence on Amazon is crucial for brands as it is one of the biggest platforms for e-commerce and offers a built-in audience of millions of potential customers. Being on Amazon can also help brands grow their business through its powerful e-commerce features, such as search optimization and customer reviews. The platform can also be seen as a small business incubator, providing resources and support for small businesses to reach and grow their customer base.


Key points from the Episode:

  • Overview About Riverbend Consulting
  • 2 Reasons Why Amazon Sellers Get Suspended
  • Tips on Becoming an Amazon Choice
  • Amazon SEO versus Google SEO
  • 2023 Insights About Amazon


About Lesley Hensell: Lesley is co-founder of Riverbend Consulting, whose 85+ employees solve critical problems and offer effective growth strategies for sellers on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms. Lesley oversees Riverbend’s client services team. She has personally helped hundreds of third-party sellers get their suspended Amazon accounts and ASINs back up and running.


Lesley leverages two decades as a small business consultant to solve the underlying business issues in online retail businesses, resulting in improved operations and profitability. She has been an Amazon seller for a decade, thanks to her boys (ages 20 and 15) who do most of the heavy lifting.


A lifelong Longhorns fan, Lesley earned an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and volunteering for A Wish With Wings, a wish-granting organization for little Texans with life-threatening conditions.


About Riverbend Consulting: Their team comprises ex-Amazon employees and Amazon professionals who will guide you through the tedious Amazon reinstatement process. They help thousands of Amazon sellers in reactivating their accounts and ASINs following a suspension, deactivation, or ban.


With thousands of accounts have been reinstated due to inauthenticity, review manipulation, product quality, policy violations, and other reasons.

They provide excellent ongoing services like account maintenance, seller account protection, FBA reimbursements, and Amazon account and ASIN reinstatement.


Their clients come for the appeals but stay for the continuous services, which include:


  • Reimbursements, ensure that FBA sellers receive every dollar owed to them by Amazon.
  • Account management includes bad feedback removal and customer service communications across several platforms.
  • Seller Account Protection, in which we monitor and respond to performance notifications to ensure the account remains healthy – Account audits for potential acquisitions
  • Project-based consulting services include pick-and-pack engineering, warehouse management audits, and customer service audits, among others.


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