1452 – Learn, Do, Teach with Ann Carden

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Podcast Host, Strategic Consultant of Expert In You , Ann Carden.

Ann is a consultant and coach who specializes in helping people turn their expertise into a successful consulting business. Her unique top-down approach allows her clients to earn six figures by leveraging their suite of services. Her approach has helped many of her clients earn six figures by leveraging their expertise and turning it into a successful consulting business. Her clients have achieved this by having a clear value proposition, a robust suite of services, and effective marketing and business development strategies. Ann's top-down approach has proven to be highly effective in helping her clients turn their expertise into a successful consulting business. Her clients can tap into their expertise's full potential and earn a significant income by doing what they love.

Ann pointed out that one of the challenges many business consultants face is the sudden shift from employee to business owner. Starting a business requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. Many individuals with an employee mindset may need to gain the necessary experience to take on these responsibilities. She also gave crucial tips to help coaches and consultants position themselves for business growth and success. On top of that, she emphasized understanding the buying behaviour of high-ticket clients and the steps coaches and consultants can take to convert these individuals into sales.

Key points from the Episode:

  • How to shift from an employee mindset to a business owner?
  • What are the tent poles of business growth for coaches and consultants?
  • The Fastest Path Into Creating a Full Time Income
  • Leveraging Suite of Services for Revenue Growth
  • Where to Look for Bigger Ticket Clients?

About Ann Carden:

Ann is an interactive motivational speaker, strategic business coach/consultant, 3x author & #1 bestselling author, CEO of A. Carden Inc., and current business owner of Carden Business Consulting/Coaching Solutions and Expert In Your Marketing & Media Agency. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals, have  greater success in their business and lives, through strategic business growth, powerful marketing & sales strategies, and success principles.

Ann’s expertise is derived from more than forty-one years in business, marketing, and sales success. Thirteen years in corporate business management, and over thirty years as an entrepreneur and business owner – building and selling five previous businesses. She has educated, influenced, and impacted hundreds of thousands of professionals through keynote speaking, podcasts, virtual stages, workshops, seminars, programs, coaching, and digital platforms.

Ann has been featured on ABC, NBC, CW, and FOX, as well as many other online media outlets. Her articles have been published in multiple media sources, such as Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine. She was also chosen by the Six Figure Coach Magazine as one of the top 125 business coaches in the world. She has recently been inducted into Who’s Who In America for Entrepreneurship and Who’s Who In America for Professional Women.

About Expert In You:

Expert In You is a company that specializes in helping individuals and businesses build expert authority brands that stand out in their industry. The company's strategic approach is designed to help clients get noticed, establish themselves as thought leaders, and ultimately grow their business. In addition to brand development and thought leadership, Expert In You also helps clients with business development. The company works with clients to identify potential clients and develop strategies to convert them into paying customers. This includes training and support for networking, sales, and marketing activities.

Expert In You's strategic approach is designed to help clients build an expert authority brand that stands out in their industry. Clients can get noticed and grow their business by developing a solid brand, establishing themselves as thought leaders, and supporting business development.

Tweetable Moments:

00:48 – “The impact I have is I want to help people turn their expertise, their knowledge, their skills, everything that they come with into a coaching and consulting business to help other people.”

02:14 – “And I think that's where a lot of coaches' and consultants' hearts come from. They want to help others not make the same mistakes and fast forward their success.”

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