1454 -Overcoming Hurdles with Mentorship with Limitless Mentoring’s Elliot Wise

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Serial Entrepreneur, Director of Limitless Mentoring, Elliot Wise.

Limitless Mentoring is the first proper alternative to traditional academia. Their approach to learning and development focuses on providing mentorship and guidance to individuals looking to achieve their goals. It gives a more hands-on, personalized approach to learning that can help individuals achieve their goals more quickly and effectively.

According to Elliot, learning from a mentor who has experienced the hurdles of entrepreneurship first-hand can be very valuable because they have real-life experience and can provide valuable insights and guidance. This contrasts learning from a theoretical perspective, which may only partially capture the complexities and nuances of starting and running a business. A mentor who has been through the process can share their personal experiences, successes, and failures and offer practical advice on navigating the challenges of being an entrepreneur. Additionally, they can provide a sense of mentorship and support, which can be invaluable for entrepreneurs who are just starting.

Key points from the Episode:

  • Overview of Limitless Mentoring
  • Insights on why Mentorship is more valuable than taking a college class for entrepreneurship
  • What makes Limitless Mentoring  different from other mentoring programs
  • Tips on choosing the right mentorship program
  • The importance of understanding the connection between personal wellness and professional wellness

About Elliot Wise:

Elliot started his first business aged 13 and is the founder of 10 businesses and a rapidly growing business empire worth more than £10 million. He now works with budding entrepreneurs and SMEs sharing hard-learnt lessons from his decades of experience building multiple companies from ideation to multi-million-pound success.

He arms entrepreneurs with the skills they need to succeed – from soft skills like developing a winning mindset, staying composed under pressure and beating stress to how to generate sales leads online, retain clients and take your business to the next level. He also specializes in working with business leaders to scale up their business – mentoring them to drive growth and hit their financial goals. Elliot has turned companies with little or no digital presence or online marketing strategies into multi-million-pound a year enterprises.

Wise believes the education system is broken. Education is failing to prepare young people with the real-world skills they need to succeed in business on purpose. We still operate a “factory model” education system designed to create punctual, subservient, unambitious workers. Yet, we’re seeing rising numbers of young people wanting to work for themselves and Covid changing the expectations of those already in the workplace (only a third of UK employees are currently happy in their jobs) and precipitating a start-up boom.

About Limitless Mentoring:

Wise founded Limitless to mentor budding entrepreneurs to build their dream business and hit their financial goals, sharing proven, battle-tested strategies and techniques based on decades of experience building companies from ideation to multi-million-pound success.

Their marketing and personal development initiatives have resulted in them hiring personal trainers and increasing their income by 5x to 10x in less than a year. This isn't just with established coaches; they also take new coaches from nothing to fully fledged enterprises in under 12 weeks. It may seem difficult to believe, but it is true, and it is for this reason, Elliot has some of the finest performing personal trainers in the world who are (and have been) mentored by his staff. No other mentors will put the value and time into getting to know you and your business from the inside out, which is why their coaches achieve the results they do.

Tweetable Moments:

14:56 – “If you want to be successful in this world, you have to make an effort and appearance in whatever area of the industry you're trying to sell into. You have to look the part.”

17:46 – “Figure out the things that require, or you can arbitrage the most amount of output for the least amount of input.”

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